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Things You’ll Only Remember If You Grew Up In The ’00s in America

Oh, the memories…


    If you grew up in the ’00s, you’ll probably look back on your childhood and think… ‘wtf?’ But looking back, some aspects of this era have their definite perks. Yes, you might regret your crimped pink hair, but at least you got to grow up with Spongebob. Take a look at the things you’ll only remember if you grew up in the ’00s….

    You lied about your age to get on Facebook

    Everyone was doing it, and everyone did it. Yes, even you. Facebook was the new ‘in’ thing, and you weren’t going to let age stop you. So what if you had to be 16 years old? You could easily just change your birthday to see what all the fuss was about…

    You grew up with the Disney Channel

    Whether your favorite was Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven!, Lilo and Stitch or Lizzie McGuire, the Disney Channel was your go-to channel to watch when you got in from school. Your homework could wait… Miley Stewart was just about to become Hannah Montana.

    Boybands were the loves of your life

    Fighting out which Jonas Brother was the best looking was just a daily occurrence for you and your friends. Joe Jonas was the edgy one, Kevin Jonas was the funny one, and Nick Jonas was the grown-up one. Which one was your crush?

    Justin Bieber was your soulmate

    Justin Bieber was every ’00s girl’s crush and the style icon for every ’00s boy. He somehow made the bowl haircut look cool, and his voice… well, his voice was something else. And of course, his songs were all directed to you, because you were his, “Baby, baby, baby, oooooooh!”

    And your boyfriend had to have a JB haircut

    Because of your love for the one and only JB, your real-life boyfriend just had to be like your fake boyfriend. If he didn’t rock the Justin Bieber haircut, wear baggy jeans and colored sweatshirts… well, he just didn’t make the cut.

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