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Things You’ll Remember if You Grew Up in the ’00s in the UK

Who remembers when Freddos were only 10p?

    If you grew up in the ‘00s, you’ll remember just how bloomin’ awesome it was. Because let’s be honest, who really enjoys being an adult? We have bills to pay, work to do, and people to interact with (eugh). Being a kid in the ‘00s was great.

    Back in the day when we were just a few young whippersnappers, we used to love playing in the road with our pals, a skipping rope in hand, and not a worry in the world. Of course, we couldn’t do that now. The roads are too dangerous and too people-y, the skipping rope is probably illegal due to health and safety reasons and pretty much everything is worrying. I mean, even worrying makes us worry.

    Nevertheless, the best thing about the ‘00s was that the times were much simpler. iPhones were just a mere speck in the technology wünder-world, our home phone was attached to a cord (that tried to strangle us every time we tried to catch up on the previous night’s episode of 50/50 with Jenny from school), and we were as happy as Larry (who’s Larry?) with a bit of smelly plastic that called itself a ‘Scoobydoo’ and a nudge on MSN Messenger.

    If we were as smart as Doc from Back to the Future, there’s no doubt that we’d transport ourselves back to the ‘00s – although instead of a Delorean, we’d probably just use our mum’s Beetle with the flower in the air vent (coolest car of the ‘00s, ALL DAY E’RRY DAY). Alas, our old, fossilised brains cannot cope with this style of genius, so we’re just gonna have to deal with our boring 2K17 life. Although that doesn’t mean we’re going to be happy about it. If you’re just as sad about your upcoming birthday and the fact that the world totally sucks, check out the things you’ll remember if you grew up in the ‘00s. {WARNING: YOU MAY SUFFER FROM SEVERE NOSTALGIA}


    The things that literally had no purpose, but if you didn’t have one…well, you couldn’t play with us. You would be the Regina George of the playground on the day she wore sweatpants (only cool kids will remember). These gooey aliens wasted hours of every ’00s child’s time, because, by god, we were going to make our Aliens have a baby if it was the last thing we ever did! Note: our Alien never had a baby. Nobody’s did. No matter how hard we tried. We just got crusty goo everywhere in the house instead.

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