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Things You’ll Only Remember If You Grew Up In the ’90s in the UK

Take me back to the days of crimped hair and Dave Benson Phillips

    Hands up if you still think the ‘90s was last week? *Puts hand up.* In fact, the ‘90s was nearly 30 years ago! From Britpop to Opal Fruits, this era was the best time to be a child. Take a look at some of these things you’ll only remember if you were a British kid in the ‘90s.

    Watching Art Attack After School

    When Nick Buchanan came onto our screens armed with PVA glue, paint and paper, we couldn’t help but think that we, too, could make incredible arty things just like him. Note: we couldn’t.

    All You Ever Wanted Was A Blue Peter Badge

    Blue Peter was one of those programmes that your parents didn’t mind you watching because they watched it when they were a child. BUT WHO WERE THOSE PEOPLE GETTING BLUE PETER BADGES AND HOW DID THEY GET ONE?! I have spent three decades in jealousy.

    You Used To Sing Along to Top Of The Pops

    Before Top of the Pops got scrapped (who’s rubbish idea was that?) there was nothing better than standing in front of the TV, and starring in your own music video. At least you had the decency not to lip sync…

    You Wished Your Teacher Would Visit The Gunge Tank

    Get Your Own Back was the ultimate children’s game show. We’ve all had a moment where we wished we could have gone against our teacher/parents/sibling and got them a good dunking in the Gunge Tank. It never happened, but I can still dream.

    You Were A Huge Fan of Oasis/Blur/Take That/ East 17

    The ‘90s was the ultimate battle of the boybands. Among the contenders were the edgy Oasis and Blur, going against the typical boy bands Take That and East 17. Who you chose to back would definitely define your social standing.

    Coming up… One thing you HAD to take to school in your lunchbox as a ’90s kid…

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