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Things You’ll Only Remember if You Grew up in the ’90s in America

Can we go back in time now, please?!

    The ’90s was by far one of the best decades to grow up in. If you were a child in the nineties, you got to wear plastic butterflies in your hair, squish goo into your hands and sing along to *NSYNC. What could be better? See how many of these things you’ll remember if you were a ’90s kid in America…

    Psst, Brits: You’ll probably remember loads of these too, but just in case we wrote a ’90s nostalgia one just for you too.

    Nintendo 64

    The Nintendo 64 was the god of ’90s gaming. On this console, we were able to play our favorite games like Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and many more of the beloved classics. Good times. The Nintendo 64 was a necessity for your after school gaming.


    If your mom didn’t let you take your dog to school, the next best alternative was to take your virtual pet – in the form of the Tamagotchi. You could watch your pet grow up, you could feed it, let it sleep and even try to mate it while pretending to listen in your lessons. Neat, huh?


    Everyone hoped that their mom would put these beauties into their lunchboxes – because they were the shiznit. Dunking Cinnamon Graham crackers into vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles in it? Genius.

    Slap Bracelets

    There was nothing better than hearing the satisfying ‘SNAP’ of your Slap Bracelet snapping around your wrist. This craze lasted a while, and covering your arms in slapping bracelets got to a point where if you couldn’t see your skin on your arms anymore, then you were doing it right.

    The Macarena

    Nmfgndmgf mfndmfnmd…. EYYYY MACARENA! The Macarena was the dance of the ’90s. Nobody quite knew the words until the ‘ey Macarena’ part, but this didn’t matter…because when it came to singing EYYYY MARACARENA… well you did it better than anyone else at the high school dance, that’s for sure. And it was the only dance we could ever remember, so that was a bonus too.

    Silly Putty

    Silly Putty was literally just a big blob of slime in your hands. Or a giant blob of chewing gum, which, when you think about it, is actually kinda gross. But there was something so satisfying about Silly Putty, whether it was throwing it around, bouncing it or just squidging it in your hands. It was like the ’90s stress ball.

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