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These Childhood Photo Recreations Are Absolutely Genius

These will make you want to dig out your childhood photo albums

    Childhood photos are always so fun to look back on; to see how you looked years ago, to see what kind of clothes you used to wear, how you used to have your hair or what you were playing. It’s even more fun to recreate those photos as adults…and some of them have the most hilarious results. We promise these photos will make you want to get out your photo albums and recreate your own.

    When you see it…

    To the untrained eye, these photos look pretty much the same. But when you look a bit closer, you realize that things aren’t quite what they seem… when you see it, you can’t help but laugh. Kudos to this father and son for creating the most hilarious photo recreation.

    30 years later

    Sometimes looking back at what you used to wear is a cringe-worthy task, and there’s only one way to deal with it…make fun of yourselves, which is exactly what these two brothers decided to do. And they look pretty happy with themselves.

    All grown up

    This young girl always wanted to be a police officer, even from a young age. Lucky for her, her dream came true. But his time, her cuddly toy was the real deal. And they look absolutely smitten to be working with each other. How cute!

    4 in a tub

    Oh, brothers. What are you going to do with them? These brothers’ recreation photo is on point all the way down to the placement of the bodies and the facial expressions. There seems to be a bit less space now, though…

    Stars and stripes

    When these brothers visited the Texas State Capitol in 1984, they had such a good time that they wanted to recreate it 29 years later – all grown up. Everything about these pictures is perfect.

    Perfect in plaid

    This guy obviously loved his outfit so much he just never wanted to take it off. 20 years later and he’s still wearing it. Oh, did we say wearing it? We mean rocking it! He looks perfect in plaid.

    There’s always that one board…

    This woman loved her skateboard so much that she never threw it away and never bought another one. And she looks just as cool on the board as she did when she was younger. She was a skater girl; she said see you later girl…

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