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These Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Will Blow Your Freaking Mind!

That’s enough internet for today…

    Let’s be honest, the internet is a weird place. Don’t get us wrong, that’s the exact reason why we love spending every single moment of every single day checking out the latest additions to the internet, but there comes a point where even the internet has gone too far. Yuh-huh, you know what we’re talking about. Those nights where you have nothing to do but scroll through Facebook, ‘like’ your way through Instagram, and watch all of the suggested videos on YouTube. After a whole ten hours of watching absolutely nothing in particular, you soon find yourself at the darkest depths of the internet. You know what we’re talking about. It’s at that point that you wonder why the heck you’re still awake at four in the morning, why you have ten cans of energy drink by the side of your bed, and why you now have a screaming goat on your computer screens. It’s a tough life, kids.

    If you’re not the kind of person to watch these kinds of videos, there’s a high chance that you most definitely ARE the kind of person who will search for some of the weirdest and wonderful pieces of information available to us human beans. It’s here that you will stumble upon info that you never knew you needed in your life – but it’s also here that you realize your life will never be the same without that information. Our absolute favorite is the conspiracy theory, because really… what’s better than questioning your whole existence and what the world stands for? Actually don’t answer that. Over the years, there have been numerous conspiracy theories make their way out of the woodworks surrounding our favorite celebs, and these celebrity conspiracy theories will blow your freaking mind!

    The Beatles never existed

    These Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Will Blow Your Freaking Mind: The Beatles never existed

    There are two conspiracy theories surrounding The Beatles. One theory is that Paul McCartney passed in a car crash back in 1968. The other theory is that The Beatles never existed at all! The theorist claims that the band was actually a culmination of synthetic beings, robots, lookalikes, and actors – rather than real people. They go on to claim that throughout the years, there have been major discrepancies in their facial and bodily features, as well as their personalities and demeanors.

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