The Ultimate Festival Survival Kit

Heading to a festival this year? You’re gonna wanna read this!


    If you’re making the most of the summer and heading off to a festival this year, packing everything you need into one little bag can be a right pain in the wellington boot. And as much as you want to, taking a whole suitcase with ten different outfits (plus three jewelry options for each outfit, of course), shoes, food, drink, and your health and beauty products just isn’t feasible – I mean, you can try, but you’ll soon realize how hard it is to wheel a suitcase through the mud. So instead of packing everything plus the kitchen sink, check out this ultimate festival survival kit instead.


    Let’s be honest, we can’t control the weather. And normally, every festival comes with its own weather system – one minute it’s sunny, another minute it’s raining, then it’s blowing a hooley, and then it snows (okay, it doesn’t really do that, but you know what we mean). So you’ve always got to be prepared for any eventuality, and sunglasses are not only protective – but they’re also the bomb diggity (especially for hiding tired eyes). Match them up with your outfit and you will be slayin’ it gurl.


    Nowadays, festival makeup is just as important as your outfit. You can spend weeks watching Unicorn makeup Youtube tutorials to perfect your glittery makeup goodness – and then as soon as you start dancing (or flailing about, as many people often tell me) it starts to slide off your face like a 99 ice cream. And nobody wants that. Keep makeup wipes and your makeup handy at all times. Because you need to shine like a unicorn 24/7.

    Granola Bars/Protein Bars

    Most of time, you’re having so much fun at the festival that you completely forget to eat – it’s alright, we’ve all been there. Once you settle in for the night (or morning) you’re probably going to realize how darned hungry you are, but there’s nothing in your tent and all of the food trucks have closed! Keeping a pack of granola or protein bars in your festival backpack will be your lifesaver. Have a munch on them, have a good sleep, and wake up for some brekkie. We have a box of Carb Killa bars in the office because not only are they super tasty, but they’re the perfect protein fix.

    Bottles of Water

    Okay, so we all know what most of you drink at festivals – and it’s not orange juice, that’s for sure. But you know what’s super cool? H20 Hydration. I know, you’re probably all rolling your eyes now…nevertheless, maintaining your fluid intake during the heat, the mosh pits, the dancing and the drinking (nope, as much as vodka looks like water, it is NOT the same thing. You can’t fool us) is highly important. Keep a bottle on you at all times, and remember to fill up when you can. Otherwise, your fun may be cut short!

    Fix ‘Em Plasters

    One of the biggest festival essentials is a pack of plasters. But in reality, nobody likes wearing plasters, because boring old beige strips are sooooo ‘00s (yep, we’re looking at you, Nelly). However, if you do injure yourself, you need to bandage up your wound to avoid the risk of it being infected. And trust me, festivals are full of germs. These Superdrug Fix ‘Em Plasters are the ultimate fashion statement – because who doesn’t love everything adorned with emojis (cough, just look at RetroEnt)? But plaster usage isn’t limited to cuts and scrapes. Broken your shoes? Tape them up with these Fix ‘Em Plasters. You can thank us later.

    Extra layers

    Although you may not want to wear them all the time, layers are ESSENTIAL. Whether you’re sunburnt (wear your sunscreen, kids) or you’re cold in the evening, a light jacket, scarf, or sweater will genuinely be your best friend. Trust us. Plus, you can buy a load of super chic ones to match with all your different festival outfits.

    Cold and Flu

    After your fully loaded night of singing, dancing and drinking, you’re probably going to wake up a bit worse for wear. You might have a headache, you might have contracted some flu-like symptoms from dancing too close to that guy who was sneezing all the way through your favorite band (there’s always one), and you probably just feel a bit rough around the edges. Cold and flu tablets are the ultimate painkillers. Not only do they fight your aches and pains, but the tablets also contain caffeine to perk yourself up a bit in the morning. Caffeine + painkillers = the ultimate hangover cure.

    Rehydration Treatment

    As we’ve already said, keeping your fluids up is one of the most important aspects of a festival. But when you’re in a new environment, drinking a heck load of alcohol, eating weird foods (or NOT eating any food) your stomach may get a bit dodgy – yeah, you know where we’re going with this. Being dehydrated in a festival environment can often be dangerous, so you need to keep your fluids and your salts regulated. But more often than not, it’s difficult to replace lost fluids with just water, so these Superdrug Blackcurrant Rehydration Sachets are perfect. This pack contains 6 sachets for you to mix with water and drink down to keep the party going…


    Without a proper bathroom, you can get…well, you can get a bit stinky. Especially your breath. And you want to make friends at a festival, not ward them off with your dodgy last-night’s-hamburger-breath. So rather then keep your mouth closed for the whole weekend (because nobody wants to smell it open) always make sure you have a pack of mints handy so you can pop one in and dance the night away. Along with kiss a few frogs, of course (DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee they will turn into princes)


    You might think it’s pretty silly to take a book to a festival – but you’ll be surprised how much free time you may have. Despite all of the music, the dancing and the activities, these never normally start until midday, meaning you have a whole morning to keep yourself busy – and when you’re in the middle of a field, you find yourself struggling with things to do. So why not take a book? Read a bit of Harry Potter, a few pages of Jane Austen, girl power it with #GirlBoss or Lean In, or just take a magazine. Whatever floats your boat.

    Brightening Eye Drops

    Let’s be honest, you can look pretty dodgy the morning after the night before (no offense) and sometimes you need something to brighten you up – especially your bloodshot eyes. Brightening Eye Drops will have you looking as fresh as a daisy in no time, because these Superdrug ones are made out of natural plant extract to reduce redness and make your eyes look bright and sparkly. Yay.

    Picnic blanket

    If there’s one rule of thumb for going to a festival it is this: always have somewhere to sit – just don’t expect it to come back clean. A picnic blanket is a great shout for a festival because you can simply lay it down and sit ANYWHERE (within reason, of course) while you’re waiting for the next artist to walk onto the stage. No need to stand up. No need to walk back to your tent. Pop down the blanket and enjoy the views. This funky, geometric one from Amazon is ideal (and waterproof).


    A huge thank-you to Superdrug for sending over some super cool stuff for us to try out and include in our festival survival kit. While we received these products for free, our opinion remains impartial. Some of the links in this article are also Amazon affiliate links, which means we may receive a teeny, tiny commission if you buy anything. We’re saving up to go to Glasto next year, y’see.

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