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The Coolest Christmas Gift Guide You’ll Ever Read

The RetroEnt team have put together their top picks for Christmas 2017

    If you’re looking for some really cool gift ideas, who better to ask than the coolest people on the planet? (That’s us, here at RetroEnt by the way). We have put together the ultimate gift guide of super nerdy, super retro, “OMG why didn’t I think of that” presents that everyone will love. From Zelda Christmas jumpers and Game of Thrones board games through to retro sweeties and Nic Cage cardboard cutouts (yep), this is the only Christmas gift guide you’re going to need this year.

    *Please note: These links are affiliate links, so if you do buy any super cool swag then it will go towards us all getting drunk at the Christmas party.

    Bex’s Picks




    Stranger Things Soundtrack on Vinyl

    RetroEnt Christmas Gift Guide - Stranger Things Vinyl

    £68.94 on Amazon

    One of the best things about Stranger Things was the soundtrack, haaaaands down. This limited edition vinyl collection is quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, but I need two of them; one for playing and one just for stroking and going “ooooh” at. I give this an Eleven out of ten (sorrynotsorry).

    1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Book

    £10 on Amazon

    One of my most used phrases is, “What?! You haven’t seen (insert movie title here).” I think I probably have way too much free time on my hands because I have seen a LOT of films (maybe not as many as Matt, but he’s got a couple of years on me). I feel like this is the ultimate bucket list of movies and one I can smugly flick through and go “Seen, seen, on the list, seen.”

    Dreamcast + Shenmue

    Dreamcast from £58.99 on Amazon and Shenmue from £48.88 on Amazon

    The Dreamcast is easily the most underrated console out there, especially when you look back at all of the epic games that were released on it. And that memory card with the little screen?! Genius. I do have a Dreamcast at home, but we took it apart and it broke (derp) so I’ve asked Santa for a new one. Along with the best game to have ever been made, Shenmue. Also, I’ve just seen the price for both of these things; Santa might need a part-time job.

    Nicolas Cage Life Size Cardboard Cutout

    £34.48 on Amazon (and worth every penny)

    I feel as though this doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? I’m supposed to write a few lines about why I’ve picked what I’ve picked, but if you know then you know.

    Codie’s Picks




    Leslie Knope Pop Figure

    £9.70 on Amazon

    Leslie Knope is my actual hero and so I need this little figure to sit on my desk. Whenever I have to do something scary, I try to channel my inner Leslie, so I love the idea of having her as a constant visual reminder to go and kick some tush!

    Harry Potter Purse

    £23.95 on Amazon

    How adorable is this please?! I feel like this would make me smile every time I got it out to pay for something boring (or just my daily bottle of wine). This cute purse will almost make up for the fact that I never got my Hogwarts letter and I am still very bitter about it.

    Bob’s Burger’s Monopoly

    From £83.99 (!!!!) on Amazon

    Two of my favourite things – the Belcher family and the world’s most competitive, friendship ruining board game. I’m a sucker for a themed Monopoly, although I will have to find someone else to play this with as my husband refuses to play with me as I am very competitive and threaten divorce constantly. Oops.
    Sherlock Hat and Scarf Set

    £29.99 on Amazon

    This is so wonderfully nerdy I want to weep! I love the color and pattern of this wooly set, and the fact that I can be warm and toasty and pretend that Benedril Cucumberdum is wrapping his arms around me this winter.

    Emily’s Picks




    Legend of Zelda Christmas Jumper

    £29.95 on Amazon

    One of my favorite games growing up was the original Oracle of Seasons – oh the hours of memories on the good ol’ GameBoy Color. As a kid there I remember fighting with my brother to see who could complete it first (but as he is six years older and was a lot better, I hate to admit he normally won). Regardless, the fun I had shouldn’t stay in my childhood and with Christmas one of my favorite times of the year, why not combine the two?

    Mario Storage Tin

    £11.89 on Amazon

    Most people that have ever set foot in my house know I have a bad habit for leaving junk around…yeah, sorry guys! Things normally end up coming into the house with nowhere to actually go so there’s a lot left lying all over the place. However, if there was a cute box to store it all away it might make my life (and my guest’s lives) a lot more pleasant. Plus, sticking with the Nintendo theme is always a bonus in my books. Hopefully someone might even leave a nice surprise in mine, too!

    Batman Wall Clock

    £27 on Amazon

    I’ve slowly managed to hoard a random collection of Batman memorabilia over the years after jokingly telling people I was the (wo)man behind the mask – yeah I know, I’m too cool! But one thing I have never had is a Batman clock. This isn’t just any clock either. I mean, it has Batman, Gotham City, AND the bat-signal. Can you get any more Batman related?! Sadly it means I won’t have an excuse for being late to everything anymore…

    Friends Cushion Cover

    £9.99 on Amazon

    I cannot deny that I live, breathe, and quote anything and everything Friends related. I don’t think a day has gone by since I first saw the show where I haven’t quoted a scene. Several thousand viewings later and I’m still just as obsessed as ever. I don’t think my family would be too happy if I plastered the house floor to ceiling in quotes, but with this little addition to the room I can slowly begin my takeover one piece at a time. Mwahaha.

    Helena’s Picks




    Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

    £11.24 on Amazon

    I am an unashamedly self-proclaimed Potterhead, having read the books 573,916 times, listened to Stephen Fry reading the audible books for probably a month straight in total (over and over again), and watched the movies… like, twice. So, I reckon I know everything there is to know about Harry Potter. With this Trivial Pursuit game I can put this to the test, and prove just how much of a nerd I am.

    Risk Game of Thrones

    £30.66 on Amazon

    When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die… But luckily with this Risk board game, the chances of death are pretty tiny. You can play as your favorite character (shotgun Daenerys Targaryen), deploy your armies to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, and smash your enemies with dragon fire (maybe not that bit, but that would be cool).

    James Bond Complete Collection

    From £29.99 on Amazon

    My husband loves James Bond, so this would be the perfect gift for him. Once a month (at least), we try to find Spectre, GoldenEye or Casino Royale on Amazon/Netflix/Sky Movies, so having this box set to hand would save a LOT of time. I also hilariously almost walked down the aisle to the James Bond theme tune thanks to a *slight* communication error with Bex’s husband, so for that reason I also have a soft spot for 007 too.

    The Sims (Original Version)

    From £25.96 on Amazon

    Who didn’t love playing the Sims?! And by playing, I mean building your house, finding your Sim a job but then always missing the carpool, tickling and high five-ing their neighbor until they can woohoo, and then making them get in the pool but removing the steps so they can’t get out… just me? The newer versions of the Sims just aren’t quite the same as the original, so this would be the best gift for anyone with a few hours (or let’s face it, days) to spare over Christmas.

    Lauren’s Picks




    Baby Groot Bobblehead

    £9.99 on Amazon

    Anyone that knows me (you’re so lucky) will know that I am utterly OBSESSED with Marvel. Although I don’t like to discriminate against the superheroes of this world, it’s fair to say that Groot is the cutest Guardian of the Galaxy (well, duh). So, as a super-nerd, I like to pledge my allegiance to the Marvel Universe with these epic Bobbleheads – and this one is next on my list.


    £52.94 on Amazon

    Obviously, I love all things retro (I do work at RetroEnt after all), and one of my favorite retro consoles was the Nintendo GameBoy. Yep, I’d spend all hours of the day on my GameBoy Color, and proved that I could definitely drive better on Mario Kart than I can in real life. Although I no longer use my GameBoy (*sobs*) I am so down for attaching this Smartboy to my Smartphone so I can get my retro on in the office…while pretending to work. (Sorry, boss).

    Retro Sweets Hamper

    £18.37 on Amazon

    It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth. In fact, I’d totally eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner (oh, and second breakfast and my 3 o’clock snack). But when I was younger, there was nothing better than sneaking off to the corner store before school to stock up on some retro sweets. But where the heck have Jazzles gone?! Well, I’m bringing them back for Crimbo 2K17.

    Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe Mug

    £9.99 on Amazon

    If you’ve had the pleasure of conversing with me over the past few months (you lucky thing, you!), you’ll probably know that I can’t go a day without talking about Riverdale. This Archie Comics adaptation has been my absolute go-to on Netflix recently – and although I love Jughead, I kinda love the milkshakes and the coffee from Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe more…

    Matt’s Picks




    Pokemon – Red Version

    From £18.70 on Amazon

    If you were any kind of child/teen in the 1990s you will remember the stupendously successful Game Boy games, Pokemon. I’m not talking about the fancy schmancy, brand new Pokemon Moonstone Sapphire, or some such nonsense. I’m talking the good old-fashioned originals here. There were two available, Blue and Red. My brother had Blue, and I had Red, which obviously makes Red better. Plus you definitely should start with Charmander, who’s basically a dragon – who even knows what a Squirtle is?! Anyway, hurry and catch ‘em all this Christmas!

    Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber

    £23.99 on Amazon

    If we want the coolest Star Wars accessory, we have to go to the (second) coolest character – Han’s first, come on, who are we kidding here? Vader is cool, imposing, and pretty nifty in a fight if I recall! And, I’ll never be able to match his levels of ability, it takes years of force and Sith training for one thing, I can get the next best thing, which is his replica lightsaber. This beauty lights up, and even makes sounds, and will set me apart from all the mindless automatons who have green and blue ones. Everyone knows the Sith are cooler than the Jedi anyway.

    Top Trumps Harry Potter

    £6.95 on Amazon

    The perfect stocking filler this Crimbo comes in the form of everyone’s favourite boy wizard. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is clearly the best book, and movie (sorry Helena), and now I can cement this fact with my very own Top Trumps themed Azkaban game. I used to love Top Trumps as a kid, and this one is perfect for anyone who loves the world of Harry Potter, and clearly knows Azkaban is the superior offering.

    The X-Files – Complete Season 1-9 DVD

    From £31.98 on Amazon

    I love a trip down memory lane, and what better trip is there than joining Mulder and Scully on their investigations of supernatural phenomena? The X-Files was a huge cult hit when it came out in the ‘90s, and I caught some on TV the other month and forgot how good it was. So, this DVD box set is an absolute must for me. Dipping in and out is fine, but Netflix has given me binge-addiction, so I need the box set in order to marathon this great show and discover that the truth is still out there.

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