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The Biggest and Best News Out of San Diego Comic Con so Far

We can’t wait for what’s coming!


    The San Diego Comic Con is currently underway, and we’re pretty jealous of anyone attending. So naturally, we’ve been checking new updates and stalking (errr, we mean gently observing) everything that has been happening. And because we don’t want you guys to miss out, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the biggest and best news out of San Diego Comic Con so far. You may need to sit down for this….


    So we’re obsessed with all things Superhero, Marvel and DC – and the brains behind the epic superhero-ness has confirmed that Shazam will be the next movie in line to get the DC live-action treatment. They also confirmed that Annabelle: Creation director, David F. Sandberg will be taking the helm and directing the movie – which could see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson filling the shoes of Shazam’s enemy, Black Adam. Exciting!


    As much as we’ve been all over Marvel’s new Inhumans TV show, critics from across the globe haven’t been impressed. However, a new extended trailer dropped at SDCC, and they seem to have changed their mind, because it is AWESOME! Don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself:

    Stranger Things

    Yes, dear readers – we have FINALLY got #JusticeForBarb. Ahead of the new series dropping in October (which will be sans Barb) Netflix have finally addressed the horrific and undignified death of Nancy’s best friend. With an epic shrine decked out with candles, flowers, banners (weird 80s wallpaper) and baby pictures, Barb was finally laid to rest.

    Game of Thrones

    If you’ve already watched the first episode of season seven of Game of Thrones, there’s a likelihood that you can’t really think or comprehend anything other than the Iron Throne. Thankfully, the Game of Thrones exhibit at SDCC has it covered. This interactive exhibit allows GoT fans to explore every single aspect of the Seven Kingdoms. You can take pictures, play games, sit on the Iron Throne and interact with the 360-degree Night’s Watch. It’s pretty awesome.

    Star Trek: Discovery

    STAR TREK IS RETURNING! And we can’t bloomin’ wait. The new show will drop on CBS on September 24 and so far all we really know is that the show will take place ten years before the original Star Trek series. However, the Star Trek production team have taken some pretty awesome props to SDCC, which seems to have a heavy focus on the Klingons (including a wacky Klingon coffin). The show has also given us a good insight into new uniforms and badges.

    Justice League

    Okay, we’re gonna be honest – we’re super stoked for Justice League to be released. Because how can you not love an epic team of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg? Answer: you can’t. SDCC has got us even more excited, as they’ve allowed us to get up close and personal with the movie outfits. Although the waxwork figures are pretty darn creepy, the outfits are impeccable. Here’s our personal fave:

    san diego comic con justice league


    If you’re a fan of the DC comics, you’re probably eagerly awaiting Catwoman’s answer to Batman’s marriage proposal (yes, it really happens! P.s sorry for the spoiler if you don’t read them, but you really should be up to date). Although Catwoman writer did not confirm or deny the news, he did come out with their mysterious nugget – “After the decision, if he gets engaged, it hits him one way. If he doesn’t, it hits him another way.” Hmmm.

    Star Wars

    So if you’ve been reading our articles, you’ll know that Hasbro has been in a bit of hot water recently after their Rey/Monopoly debacle. Well, it seems they’re trying to make up for things at SDCC, as they have released not one, but TWO new action figures ahead of the new movie. The company unveiled their new The Last Jedi figurines of Luke Skywalker and Rey as they appear in the movie. And we’re ready to empty our pockets.

    san diego comic con star wars

    Of course, we’ll keep you up to date with even more SDCC news as we hear it!

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