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Teens Wearing their Moms Vintage Prom Dresses is the Best Trend We’ve Seen in Forever

Because wearing your parents clothes is so in right now


    If you haven’t guessed by now, we love anything retro here at RetroEnt – and we particularly love a retro trend. This new retro trend, however, tops them all!

    Fashion is always changing (so much that we can’t keep up so most of the time we just give up), but the cycle of fashion means that at some point or another, what your parents once wore would become fashionable again. And this is that time.

    The latest trend sees teens across America upcycling their mom’s prom dresses to wear to their own proms – and they’re rocking it. On average, the everyday teen spends around $900 on their prom dress and accessories. But what if we told you you didn’t have to spend that much?

    Well, take a rifle through your mom’s closet, as she might just have the perfect prom dress for you – because, you know, your parents were cool…once.

    What makes this even better is the fact that some of these dresses have been passed down multiple generations – and have been worn by your grandparents, aunties, cousins, and anyone else you could think of. Which makes your prom even more sentimental and memorable.

    So take a look at these pictures for inspiration, and raid your families closets!

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