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Stop Chucking Out Plastic! You’re Making David Attenborough Sad

And we don’t want to make David Attenborough sad…


    There are few things we love more than David Attenborough in this world. There’s… oh, who are we kidding?! There is nothing and no one we love more than David Attenborough. He’s the best.

    So, we were pretty heartbroken to hear that the filming of his upcoming nature documentary (yaaaaaaasssss) had made Attenborough a little sad. In a recent interview, Attenborough has spoken about his new show, Blue Planet II, which will show this Autumn on BBC, and its recurring themes. Unlike many of his other (awesome) documentaries, Blue Planet II will focus heavily on climate change and plastic pollution. He has reported that plastics are of ‘crucial importance’ in the fight against pollution, and had numerous examples of pollution in action – which he witnessed while they were filming the show. During his interview, Attenborough was asked about the most heartbreaking example he had seen:

    The increasing amount of plastic in the natural world is affecting animals

    Which example do you choose as being most heartbreaking? The one I would choose because I feel so strongly for them are the albatross. There’s a shot of the young being fed, and what comes out of the mouth of the beak of the adult? Not sand eels, not fish, not squid – which is what they mostly feed on. It’s plastic and it’s heartbreaking, heartbreaking.

    Blue Planet II hopes to educate people on the effects of plastic on the natural world. In fact, every single minute, a rubbish-truck load of plastic is dumped into the ocean to remain there forever. It won’t decompose. It won’t go anywhere. Instead, it consumes the natural environment and takes over animals’ livelihoods. Throughout his journey as a wildlife documentary maker, Attenborough has noticed the disastrous effects of this plastic, especially over the last decade – and he wants it to stop.

    Blue Planet II explores the effect of plastic on the natural world

    So, the answer is simple. Stop using so much plastic, and stop dumping it – because you’re making Attenborough sad. As well as killing the planet, just sayin’.

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