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Star Wars Day – We Picked Our Favorite Star Wars Merch That Every Fan Needs in Their Life

Because you can never have too much Star Wars Swag


    Because it’s May the Fourth (#MayTheFourthBeWithYou), we’ve gone a bit Star Wars crazy here in the RetroEnt office. We’ve already come up with some ways you can celebrate (which makes us WISH we still had our Jedi Robe to wear to work), and now we’re looking at all the epic swag you can buy. Star Wars fans rejoice, here’s everything you’ve always wanted and never knew you needed.

    *Please note: These links are affiliate links, so if you do go ahead and buy some Star Wars swag then we may get a few pennies for our own Star Wars swag.

    Bex’s Picks

    Star Wars Light Switch

    $2.50 (Amazon US) | £0.97 (Amazon UK)

    My husband (an electrician and mega Star Wars fan) would probably hang me out to dry if I didn’t include these. There’s also a good chance my electric bill would skyrocket as we’d spend all day arguing over which side of the force we are on.

    Pop Up Darth

    $25.62 (Amazon US) | £7.99 (Amazon UK)

    I used to be petrified of Pop Up Pirate as a kid, but I’m an adult now and I can handle whatever the world throws at me. Including a Pop Up Darth Vader flying out of a barrel filled with lightsabers.

    Stormtrooper Decanter

    £18.19 (Amazon UK)

    There’s nothing Bex likes more than booze (so the saying goes), so my next pick is this rather dashing stormtrooper decanter. I’ll have mine filled with rum, please, thanks.

    Princess Leia T-Shirt

    $16.95 (Amazon US) | £12.95 (Amazon UK)

    In honor of the late, great Carrie Fisher, this is one I’d wear with pride. And the “Don’t Mess With a Princess” statement is probably something my husband would agree with too.


    From $58.75 (Amazon US) | From £103.99 (Amazon UK)

    Mixing something cutesy with something techy is my idea of heaven, so my last pick is a wallet buster but worth every single penny. Who wouldn’t want a legit, working BB-8 that can record holographic videos?!

    Helena’s Picks

    Wookie Cookie Biscuit Barrel

    $22 (Amazon US) | £11.45 (Amazon UK)

    Here at RetroEnt HQ we have a motto: Never say no to cake. I mean, we don’t actually, but we should. This Chewbacca biscuit barrel will make sure we have a constant supply of cookies – who wouldn’t want that?!

    Hogwarts Lord of the Rings Jedi T-Shirt

    From $11.51 (Amazon US) | From £8.95 (Amazon UK)

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a Potter obsession. So this list wouldn’t be complete without combining Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings into one hilarious t-shirt. It speaks for itself: “I never got my acceptance letter for Hogwarts, so I’m leaving the Shire and becoming a Jedi”. Truth.

    Death Star Ice Mould

    $9.95 for 2 (Amazon US) | From £2.09 (Amazon UK)

    Summer’s coming (apparently), which means I can’t wait to be sitting outside in the garden with an ice cold gin and tonic. But what would make that scene even more perfect? If inside my G&T there was an ice ball in the shape of a Death Star, obviously. Well now there can be…

    AT-AT Walker Dog Costume

    $4.06 (Amazon US) | £22.99 (Amazon UK)

    I need this in my life right now. I have two dogs that I’m sure would REALLY appreciate being dressed up as an AT-AT Walker. And what better day to dress them up than May the 4th? Maybe Hallowe’en… October 31st hurry up already!

    Where’s the Wookiee? Search and Find Book

    From $2.54 (Amazon US) | £2.09 (Amazon UK)

    Everyone remembers playing Where’s Wally? as a kid, right? He was usually hidden amongst red and white striped candy canes, or peeping out from behind a bush somewhere. This Star Wars version combines our love of Star Wars with a bit of lighthearted nostalgia, which I can totally get behind.

    Lauren’s Picks

    Star Wars String Lights

    $13.94 (Amazon US) | £7.17 (Amazon UK)

    Anyone who knows me will know that I’m completely obsessed with fairy lights and string lights of any kind. And of course, having ten strings of fairy lights in my room already just isn’t enough. Naturally. But these Star Wars lights are just out of this world – and I need them.

    Welcome to the Darkside Doormat

    $23.97 (Amazon US) | £14.93 (Amazon UK)

    Sometimes, I just really don’t want to be around people – anyone else get that? And when I’m feeling like that, I couldn’t think of any better way to avoid people than to scare them off with this welcome mat. Or the Jedi and Yoda might storm my house, but, y’know – stuff happens.

    Banksy Star Wars Pulp Fiction T-Shirt

    From $19.99 (Amazon US) | £8.99 (Amazon UK)

    Quentin Tarantino is a boss. Pulp Fiction is epic. Star Wars is amazing. Banksy is wacky. Rolled into one and you get this kickass T-Shirt which I can genuinely see myself wearing for the next twenty years. Sold.

    Star Wars Retro Kitchen Storage

    £17.50 for the set (Amazon UK)

    Because I just love anything retro (Duh, I work at RetroEnt) and I love storage boxes. I don’t have enough things to go in them, but these retro boxes are just too cool to pass up. Maybe I could make some Ewok cookies and put them in there. Mmm, coookies…

    Jedi Training Alarm Clock

    From $21 (Amazon US) | £21.99 (Amazon UK)

    Basically, I just love sleep. And I love oversleeping. I lose count of the amount of times I press snooze on my phone before I ACTUALLY get up. But I’m sure if I had this alarm Jedi Training alarm clock I’d be more inclined to get up and get to work ( someone please buy this for me…)

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