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Shanghai Disneyland Turns One – Welcomes 11m Visitors in its First Year

It really is a happy birthday for Shanghai Disneyland


    As Shanghai Disneyland celebrate their 1 year anniversary (yay, happy birthday!) they’ve also got another cause for celebration – the fact that a whopping 11million visitors have passed through their gates this past year. Even though it’s the year of the Rooster, it’s also the year of the (Mickey) Mouse…

    Shanghai Disneyland One Year Anniversary

    The incredible Disney theme park in China cost a mighty $5.5 billion to create, but after a busy year, the park is close to breaking even. And this is a huge deal, considering none of the other parks around the world haven’t been able to generate profit like that in 30 years.

    Disney’s Chief Executive Bob Iger, has spoken to Bloomberg Television over the park’s success,

    That’s an extraordinary achievement. I’m not sure we’ve ever done that. After the first year, I’m pleased to say that prospects are really strong for continued success and continued growth.

    The Shanghai Disneyland park is the largest in the company’s international history, and the first one to operate in mainland China – but judging by this success, it won’t be the last. For now, however, Disney are focusing on improving the Shanghai park, with it’s new Toy Story-themed land opening next year.

    Before we really look to the horizon geographically, we will focus on expanding this park. Might we build in another city over time? Yes. There’s a great likelihood that we will. But it’s way too early.

    The park in Shanghai has since become China’s most visited attraction and park in the country, and its incredible number of visitors has put it in the top seven of the Disney park franchise. However, it still has a long way to go if it wants to beat Disney’s parks in Florida, Japan, and California – especially the most popular park, The Magic Kingdom in Florida, which racked up 20 million visitors last year!

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