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Scientist Uses Lucius Malfoy as Evidence For Why Wasps Aren’t So Bad… Yes, Really

What do you think, Potterheads?


    If you’re a fan of RetroEnt, you’ll know that we really, really (really, really) love Harry Potter. Sure, it’s kinda bordering on obsession – but it’s all good. As true Potterheads, we have some pretty strong views about the Harry Potter characters. Of course, Harry always goes on the top of our list, because, y’know, it’s Harry Potter. Then you have Hermione (why can’t we be her?) and Ron (anyone else weirdly attracted to him?) Then, just above He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we have Lucius Malfoy.

    It’s no secret that Lucius Malfoy is a doofus (for want of a better word). He was responsible for opening the Chamber of Secrets, he was one of the most devoted Death Eaters, and he provided the Wizarding World with the spawn of Satan – AKA Draco Malfoy. You could even compare Lucius Malfoy to an annoying wasp. Everyone hates them, and everyone hates him. However, one PhD student is now pleading the case for wasps, using the example of Lucius Malfoy as evidence.

    The Lusius malfoyi wasp, named after Lucius Malfoy

    Yep, you read that right. Tom Saunders is a PhD student from Auckland, New Zealand and has been researching a newly described species of non-stinging wasp. Tom had the pleasure of naming the new species, and chose to call it the Lusius malfoyi. Notice a few similarities there? Saunders decided to name the wasp after the Harry Potter character to draw attention to their apparent good nature – and to show us all of the cool things they do, like killing pests and pollinating our crops. Here’s what he had to say:

    People see wasps as villains, as the ‘bad guys,’ but the truth is that the vast majority of wasp species are either neutral or beneficial, from human standpoint. Just as Lucius Malfoy is pardoned after separating from Voldemort’s allies, I’m asking people to pardon wasps in order to restore their reputation as interesting, important creatures.

    Lucius Malfoy used as evidence for wasp plea

    Okay, we get the wasp thing – we really do. However, we still think Lucius Malfoy is a dingus, so…

    What do you think, Potterheads?

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