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‘The Greatest Show on Earth’: Ringling Bros. Circus Closes Its Doors After 133 Years

You can watch the last ever show on facebook live!


    Nowadays, you don’t have to travel far to find the nearest circus – but there are some that are just a cut above the rest. And this one really is the Greatest Show On Earth. But the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is finally hanging up its hat after an incredible 133 year run.

    The Ringling Bros. circus has gained a worldwide following for their truly spectacular circus performances. They have elephants, they have dirt bikes, they have some of the best clowns in the business, they have acrobats and they are all one big happy family – and the only circus left in the world who still travel and live on a train (how cool is that?!)

    The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus is steeped in history, with its first ever performance recorded in the 1884, and since then, they haven’t stopped. But now it’s time for the circus family to take their last bows, and wave goodbye to their fans.

    The circus has spent the last few decades traveling as two separate traveling circus, and the first one closed its tent last month. And this weekend, the last remaining Ringling Bros. circus will follow suit – and they’re going to go out with a bang, that’s for sure.

    ringling bros circus closing

    Every circus has their own Boss Clown – and the Ringling Bros has Sandor Eke, who was brought up in a circus family, and knows nothing else.

    You have your own zoo. You can pet an elephant; you can play with the baby tigers. You have your own clowns. Everybody loves you. A circus is a very big family.

    When asked how he will be remember his time in the circus, another clown, Nick Lambert admitted that he will write his name on a compartment in the train alongside previous Ringling clowns.

    I’ll get to add my name to the door. I’m the last one in this room before it’s all gone.

    Their last ever performance will be on Sunday, May 21st at 7pm ET/4pm PT, where you can watch them LIVE either on their website or via Facebook Live. This will be the last ever chance, so make sure you tune in!

    Goodbye to the Greatest Show on Earth!

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