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Photos That Show Children Haven’t Really Changed Much Over the Years

We can all relate to these photos…

    Every year, the world changes and we bring our children into different worlds (metaphorically. Although it would be cool to live on Mars). With a rise in technology and changing political climates, it can often seem like our children are growing up in completely different environments, and have changed so much. But sometimes kids just need their favorite toy, a pet or their friends to bring them back down to earth. Take a look at the photos that show children haven’t really changed much over the years…


    Pretending to have important phone calls as a child is an absolute must. How else are you going to complete your business transactions with Winnie The Pooh? But just take a look at this young girl in Japan in 1958 who is loving doing the exact same thing…

    Dance, dance, around the teddy bear

    Sometimes you need to dance in front of your teddy and just forget the world. At least, that’s what this young girl in Paris in 1961 liked to do. Nowadays, it would probably be an app of a teddy bear, but the thought is still there.

    Ooooh, new shoes!

    There’s nothing better than a pair of new shoes. They’re completely universal, and everyone gets excited over new shoes. Especially this young Austrian boy you receives his new shoes during the midst of World War Two. And they’re pretty nice shoes, too…

    Shower power

    Sometimes the summers get pretty hot, so there’s nothing better than cooling off in the cold water. But this girl took it the extra mile in 1949. She created her own makeshift shower and cooled off that way. Oh, she was going somewhere. What a genius idea.

    Dream Big

    Part of growing up is thinking about what you want to be when you’re fully grown. This guy didn’t have much trouble realizing his dreams. But he was smart enough to know that you have to start small and work your way up.

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