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‘Pandora,’ a New Avatar-Themed Land Is Open at Disney World

We need to brush up on our Na’vi


    A few weeks ago, we reported on Pandora, the new Avatar-themed land at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, in Florida – and it is now OPEN.

    Although the new park officially opens to the general public on Saturday, Avatar director James Cameron and Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger opened the new land to the press and media this morning in an epic opening ceremony.

    In the ceremony, Iger spoke of Pandora,

    At Disney, we have a ‘how do they do that’ standard. I cannot think of a better example of that than what we’re standing in front of right now. Pandora is just as great in person as it is on the screen.

    And we can’t deny that! The all-new Pandora at the Animal Kingdom is full to the brim of stunning scenery, and incredible attractions. The new land spans across a whopping 12-acres of land has cost around $500 million to develop over the course of five years. But it seems like it was so worth it.

    pandora disney world avatar

    The part boasts two incredible rides that will immerse the general public into life on Pandora. The ‘Flight of Passage’ ride will allow visitors the chance to fly on the back of a mountain banshee – as if you were really Jake Sully. There is also the Na’vi River Journey, where visitors get to float through a bioluminescent rain forest, joined along the way by natives and tiny banshees. How amazing does that sound?!

    But don’t worry if you haven’t brushed up on your Na’vi language before going – as you can get the chance to take a handy translator around with you through Pandora. The handheld device contains around 90 Na’vi phrases that will come in handy, as all of the cast members will be speaking to you in the incredible language.

    pandora disney world avatar

    Yet, the fun doesn’t stop there. The new park will also give you the chance to taste foods exclusive to the land of Pandora. The Satu’li Canteen serves everything from Green Beer to traditional Pandoran desserts – which you can enjoy underneath the background of picturesque mountains, rainforests, and vines.

    Uhhh, we’re so there.

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