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The Most Outrageous Fashions of the ’60s

The bathing suit is just… nope.

    The Swinging Sixties was a time where everything was changing – politics, fashion, and culture and ’60s fashion was split into two different categories. On the one hand, there were the happy hippies. They loved bright colors, vibrant patterns, and flowy material. On the other hand, we had those inspired by the likes of Jackie Kennedy – sleek and sophisticated. Either way, the ’60s was a time for experimentation, and it was a time to be adventurous. Perhaps a little too adventurous…

    Bouffant Coiffure

    Perhaps the most iconic look of the ’60s was the Bouffant Coiffure. Think Tracy Turnblad and Dusty Springfield. If you didn’t have big hair, you needn’t leave the house. Go big or go home. They must have used a lot of hairspray….

    Flag Clothing

    Apparently, the ’60s was a very patriotic era – everyone loved wearing clothing with the American flag on it. Nowadays, you’d get a few weird looks if you wandered round in the red, white and blues.


    Bell-Bottoms were associated with the hippy movement and were often made of denim or light flowy material. I mean, they just seem like a lot of effort to me. Where the skinny jeans at?

    Metallics. Metallics Everywhere

    The ’60s was all about standing out and embracing the futuristic. For celebrities, the aim was to be photographed and found that wearing metallics would get them photographed even more than usual. You wouldn’t get lost in a crowd, that’s for sure.

    Square-toed shoes

    Often called Pilgrim Pumps, they were designed to be more comfortable than trying to squeeze your feet into pointed shoes. Towards the late ’60s they were designed to be more Pilgrim-like by adding large buckles on the front. Nice.


    In a time of changing politics, the hippy movement used Tie-Dye. It represented freedom and anti-conformism, and Tie-Dye is now internationally recognized as a symbol of peace and love. Yeah, man.

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