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Older People Proving They’re Comedy Geniuses When it Comes to Technology Fails

Grandma… that’s not how you do it ???

    If your parents or grandparents don’t struggle with technology… are they really that old? And because us younger people have been brought up with laptops, mobile phones, and technology that we’re on ‘all the time’, we’re the ones who have to solve their problems. Or just laugh at them. Have a giggle at these older people proving they may not be geniuses when it comes to technology, but they sure are comedy geniuses when it comes to technology fails…

    What’s the time?

    When your Nan asks you to go round her house to fix the clock on her new mobile because it’s ‘saying the wrong time,’ you expect to actually change the time, and prove you’re the best grandchild ever – and maybe even get some cake. Grannies always give cake. Instead, you get the joy of peeling off the screen protector that just so happens to have a time on it. *facepalm*

    Feature fails

    Phone features are amazing extras that add-on to your photography pleasure – if you know how to use them. This Dad just didn’t quite know how to turn off his front camera heart feature. He was trying to send his son a picture of his new stove and the end product is hilarious… but that is one nice stove.

    Easy controls

    Sometimes teaching your elders how to use technology can take hours – and sometimes it’s better to just simplify things. So what better way to make remote controls easier to use than Grandma-fying them? You only need to use those buttons, anyway…

    Sometimes you just have to give up…

    You’ve got to give older people credit for trying. But sometimes when they can’t work simple things like their phone cameras, it’s just easier to give up and appease them. Yes, it is a beautiful day! It looks amazing!

    Whose phone is this?

    Grandparents just don’t quite get technology. So when grandma asks whose phone the scientific calculator is… you just have to groan. But to be fair, with the rate phones are growing in size, we wouldn’t be surprised if this were the latest Blackberry model.

    Polite Grandmas

    Just because it’s a machine doesn’t mean you can be rude, apparently. Maybe saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will improve your search engine optimization? Maybe the exact website you want will be on the first page, rather than the tenth? Hmm. There’s only one way to find out. Please and thank you.

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