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People Are Trolling This US Senator with Nickelback and It’s Kind of Hilarious

It’s. Not. Funny.


    In a world full of doom and gloom and, err, ‘interesting’ politicians (phew. Saved that one) it’s nice to see that some of them just like to have a bit of fun now and then. And nothing says fun and games like trolling someone with Nickelback updates. Because they’re the Canadian band that everyone just loves to hate (we kinda love them FYI).

    So how did it start? Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse first tweeted on Friday about his emotional ordeal:

    However, we beg to differ. Because that is freakin’ genius.

    Since the band came into our lives over 20 years ago (yep, you’re that old) they have built up a bit of a reputation, and some people just cannot stand them. It’s a love-hate thing. Fans (and haters) just love to troll people with Nickelback lyrics, and, apparently, email subscriptions; considering the band are promoting their new album, we can imagine those newsletters are pretty detailed and consistent.

    Nickelback 2017
    They look pretty different now right?!

    Later on, the culprit was revealed. Sass was approached by Utah Senator, Orrin Hatch who confessed to the crime and apologized. But not before Twitter reacted accordingly.

    It’s not like you to say sorry, I was waiting on a different story… (you know the rest)

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