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Mattel Have Given Ken a Man Bun and We Just Can’t Cope

Ken is the ultimate hipster


    We’re all for shaking things up a bit and moving with the times – but at other times, the old phrase ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ comes to mind. Especially when it comes to something as classic as Barbie and Ken dolls (cough, Mattel, listen up).

    Toy manufacturing company, Mattel have recently released an all-new collection of 15 Ken Dolls, all embracing diversity. A mixture of different ethnicity and body shapes have been thrown into the mix, which is great, as some of them are pretty cool. And some of them are just…well, see for yourself.

    Mattel have designed the new man bun Ken and we cannot cope

    The new dolls, which they dub the ‘Next Gen Ken’ can be bought in three different body shapes and type. They offer: slim, broad and original, and follow on from Mattel’s decision to embrace body positivity and variation within their Barbie Dolls last year. Which we can definitely get behind.

    Alongside this, you can now choose a Ken Doll from seven different skin tones, eight different hair colors and nine different different hair styles ranging from slicked-back chic, cornrows, and…wait for it…MAN BUNS.

    The new collection is the epitome of Millennial Hipster, and of course, Twitter has reacted in the best way possible.

    We can’t cope.

    As if the man bun wasn’t Hipster enough, the outfits are the ultimate shabby-chic-modern-homeless-hipster clothing you’d expect from a man-bun wearing Millennial man. With skinny ties, T-shirts emblazoned with cacti, wacky shirts, Timberland boots, a whole lot of Paisley, skinny jeans, plucked eyebrows, metallic sunglasses and hipster Clark Kent glasses you can definitely see these Ken’s ordering a no-caffeine-no-milk-soy-mochachino from Starbucks. Just kidding, we love you hipster guys really!

    Mattel have released a whole new collection of Ken Dolls including man bun Ken

    Barbie have released a press release on their new ‘dos –

    The Barbie brand has always reflected the times, so modernizing Ken is the next step in the brand’s evolution to offer more diverse products.

    Um, sure. What do you think?

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