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These Will Make No Sense if You Were Born After 1998

No, Minesweeper is not a dangerous game you play in a bar…

    For those of you who were born after 1998, here are a few tips. A VCR tape was like a DVD disk, but so much bigger, and you could rewind the film with your bare hands. A cassette tape is the same kind of thing but holds music. A Nokia phone was one of the first mobile phones in the world – one you actually had to press buttons on. And Minesweeper was a game we used to play on the computer. Get it? No, thought not. So take a look at these things that will make absolutely no sense if you were born after 1998…

    The Yellow Pages

    kids wont remember yellow pages

    Yes, this is a big book. And no, it doesn’t come in a Kindle or eBook version. The Yellow Pages was the Google of the ‘80s and ‘90s and allowed anyone to find a specific business, name, and number… all in one book. And it did have yellow pages. Hence the name.

    Designing your own VCR tape

    kids wont remember designing own vcr tape

    VCR video tapes? What are those? Well, a videotape was your DVD and Blu-Ray before DVDs and Blu-Rays existed. Instead of simply starting from the beginning by pressing ‘play’ again, you had to sit and wait for the tape to rewind all the way back. The best part of them was designing your very own movie poster on the front. Well, you had to find your favorite tape somehow, what better way than to write ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in sparkly gel pens?

    Blowing your game cartridges

    kids wont remember blowing game cartridges

    You couldn’t just buy your Xbox or PlayStation games online like you can now. Instead, your video game console required game cartridges… and sometimes they used to get dusty. To combat that, sometimes they needed a good blow to discard the dust to allow ultimate gaming experiences.

    The sticky ball of your mouse

    kids wont remember computer mouse sticky ball

    In a world of touchscreen and laptop mouse pads, not many people use actual mice anymore for their desktops. And if they do, they don’t have your traditional mouse (ball included). But these balls used to get stuck on a regular basis. Every few days or so, you’d have to take apart the bottom of the mouse, take out the ball, roll it around, and unstick it. Et voila.

    Country Pamphlets

    kids wont remember country pamphlets

    If you were planning on traveling to another country in the ‘80s or ‘90s, all you needed to help you were the colorful pamphlets you’d find in your local store. You could pick up some of these, and they’d hold all the information you’d need.

    Nokia music

    kids wont remember nokia music

    No, this isn’t some kind of secret code. No, someone hasn’t just sat on their super old phone and butt dialed some numbers. Instead, this is music. You could make some tunes on the old Nokia phones. So we did. And we rocked it.

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