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Lucky Charms Are Bringing Back Their Marshmallow Only Cereal But There’s A Catch

We need to get our hands on one!


    Lucky Charms were the only cereal we willingly ate when we were younger – and even then, we had to spend at least twenty minutes picking out the frosted oat shapes so that the only things left in our bowls were the marshmallows and milk. And it wasn’t because we didn’t like the frosted oat shapes. In fact, they were still delicious. But they were (kinda) healthy, or at least anything with ‘oat’ in it sounds healthy, so sorry mom and dad, but they weren’t going in our mouths. We wanted SUGAR!

    So when Lucky Charms released their marshmallow-only cereal years ago, we were happy campers. But like everything, our hopes, our dreams, and our marshmallow-cravings were crushed, and we were left with your regular Lucky Charms. But now the Marshmallow-only cereal is back again. And we’re spending the rest of the year trailing the supermarkets because there’s a catch.

    lucky charms marshmallows

    The new limited edition boxes of Marshmallow only Lucky Charms can’t be found on the supermarket shelves. Sure, they’ve got 10,000 boxes to give away – but you have to complete their treasure hunt first (why do they mock us? We want marshmallows). The only way you can get your hands on this delicious box of yumminess is to take a trip to your local store and keep your eyes peeled for specially marked boxes. If you find one of these, you’ll see a code on the inside of the back panel – you then go to their website, type in your code and see if you’re one of the chosen ones. If you’re a winner, you’ll receive your pot of gold in the mail…

    The competition will be running until December this year, so you have time. But if you’re asking us, you need to get yourself down to the department store right now and tear up those boxes, because we want the ‘mallows…

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