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Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That Are Still Pretty Relevant Today

We could learn a thing or two from these old school tricks

    The 1900s may seem like a hundred years ago (that’s because it is), but their innovations weren’t that different to ours today. We never really look back in time for advice and help with our daily chores, but we could definitely learn a lot from them. In fact, a lot of their tips can still come in handy today. So take a look at these life hacks from 100 years ago that are still pretty relevant today…

    How to revive your drooping flowers

    After a while, your cut flowers begin to wilt and lose their beauty as time goes on – but what if we told you there was a way to revive your flowers to make them last a little longer? All you have to do is submerge the stems in hot water until the water becomes cool, cut the ends off the stems, and place the newly bloomed flowers back into a vase of cold water. Et voila.

    How to treat a sprain

    Treating a sprained ankle yourself can be a testing task… and often difficult to do when you’re incapable of moving a lot. But if you elevate your leg, wrap the ankle in a damp cloth with the end placed in a jug of cold water that is higher than the leg, the water should trickle through the cloth, and you should have a constant stream of cold compress. Genius.

    How to light a match in the wind

    If you’ve ever been camping, you’ll know the difficulty of lighting a match in the wind – and you go through so many that you spend hours wasting more and more matches trying to light a fire. But if you cut thin shavings on the top part of the match, these also catch light and will create a stronger flame that is less likely to blow out.

    How to easily remove a splinter

    Getting a splinter out of your hand can be incredibly time consuming (and sometimes painful). But there’s a simple trick that is a sure fire way to remove a splinter. If you fill a wide-mouthed bottle of hot water and press it to the splintered area of your hand, the suction and the steam will pull out the splinter from the flesh.

    How to boil a cracked egg

    It’s happened to all of us – you really want a boiled egg, but you only have one left… and it’s cracked. Normally, if you attempt to boil a cracked egg, the contents will spill out, and the result will be more of a poached egg than a boiled one. But if you add a dash of vinegar to the water, the contents should remain within the cracks, and you should have the perfect boiled egg.

    How to remove a ring from a finger

    Although this one is still commonly used today, it’s important to know where these ideas came from. In the ‘90s, they found that lathering the finger with soap should ease the ring off of the finger. But they also issue a warning: if the finger and joints are both swollen, make sure you visit the jewelers.

    How to remove the squeak from your squeaky boots

    Buying new boots is all fun and games until you begin to walk, and it turns out they are the squeakiest boots ever. So how do you stop the squeak? Well, if you place the sole of the boot in a dish of oil with the heel propped up, the oil should soak into the sole to loosen it, and relieve the squeak.

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