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KFC Only Follows 5 Women and 6 Men on Twitter and the Reason Why is INSANE

KFC, you have won the internet for today


    Here at RetroEnt, there are a few things we love in this world above all else. Firstly, we love all things retro (well, duh). Secondly, we love KFC – because really, is there anyone who doesn’t love KFC? Thirdly, we love corporate Twitter accounts. They are incredible. (Lol?) Today, we’ve realized that whoever runs the KFC Twitter account needs a raise, because this has blown our minds. Today, we learned that KFC only follows 5 women and 6 men on Twitter and the reason why is INSANE…

    This incredible piece of information was brought to our attention by some eagle-eyed internet whizzes and Reddit gurus (AKA the best people in the world), who were seemingly stalking the fast food chains Twitter feed for the lols. They soon realized that the corporate Twitter page has millions of followers, but only follows 11 people themselves. But who are these 11 people?

    Well, prepare to have your minds blown.

    KFC only follows 5 women and 6 men on Twitter

    The KFC Twitter account follows the five members of the Spice Girls (Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B, Victoria Beckham, and Mel C) and six guys who are all called Herb. Of course, the internet has since gone wild, and conspiracy theorists and KFC lovers have united to bring the answer to this unusual piece of information – just like the secret recipe for the Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken, the KFC Twitter account is made up of ‘11 herbs and spices.’ GENIUS.

    Chefs and fans of the Colonel’s chicken have spent years trying to decipher the ingredients in their popular recipe, but it has been reported that the Original Recipe is safely locked away in a safe, away from the prying eyes of the unworthy (basically, the whole world). Naturally, this hasn’t stopped people trying to crack the code – and this new Twitter development will definitely confuse people even more. However, we can confirm the recipe doesn’t really include five Spice Girls and few Herbs. Well, it does…but you know what we mean.

    KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter

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