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Harry Potter Turns 20! Here are 20 Things Every Potterhead Needs In Their Life

Harry Potter was first published 20 years ago today?! Merlin’s Pants!


    Here at RetroEnt, we are huuuuuuuge Potterheads (could you tell? It’s not like we bang on about it every other day or anything…) and we’ll use any excuse to talk about the magical franchise. But today is a very special day in the Harry Potter calendar, because Harry Potter turns 20! On this day twenty years ago, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in the UK, which was set to change the course of millions of people’s lives (although some of us are still waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letter, so we shall definitely be writing a strongly worded letter to the Ministry of Magic about this, because they seriously need to have a word with their owls). So to celebrate the birthday of Hazza P, we’ve put together a list of the 20 things every Potterhead needs in their life (you can thank us later)…

    Personalised Hogwarts Acceptance Letter – £6.99

    If your Hogwarts acceptance letter (like ours) got lost in the Owl Post, don’t worry. On Amazon, you can buy your very own personalised acceptance letters. But it doesn’t stop there! Alongside the letter, you also receive a personalised envelope, a list of requirements (will you go for a toad, a cat, or an owl?) a Hogwarts Express ticket, a Knight Bus ticket, a list of spells, and a runic alphabet chart to get you all ready for your first day at Hogwarts.

    Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Heat Changing Mug – £7.99

    Sometimes you really just need to get up to mischief. But of course, the muggles around you can’t be exposed to your magical ways – so you need the help of your trusty Marauders Map. Watch as these magical heat changing mugs switch from black, to a fully functional (y’know, if you’re a TRUE wizard) Marauders Map when you put hot water in them.

    Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace – £4.79

    Ever felt like you don’t have enough time in the day? Struggling to get to your Potions class AND your Defence Against The Dark Arts class at the same time? Or maybe you just want an extra few hours in bed? This Time-Turner will be perfect for you. This necklace is plated with 18K gold and offers a fully functional sand time turner in the center. And it’s bloomin’ beautiful, too.

    Harry Potter Writing Quill – £24.99

    Let’s be honest; normal pens are for Muggles. If you want to truly embrace your magical ways, you just HAVE to use a Feathered Quill. Thankfully, this isn’t the kind of quill Professor Umbridge liked to use. Instead, this Quill comes complete with a natural feather, a carved copper stem with six different-sized stainless steel nibs and a bottle of ink. You won’t mind writing lines with this quill…

    Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – £3.24

    No trip on the Hogwarts Express is complete without a few snacks for the journey – and of course, you always need a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans to keep you going! This 54g bag contains twenty of the yummiest, and some of the most disgusting flavors in the magical world, including Banana, Earwax, Watermelon, Earthworm, Sausage, Marshmallow, Vomit and more.

    ‘This Way to the Ministry of Magic’ Toilet Sticker – £2.99

    To be a true Potterhead you just have to have a good sense of humor, and this toilet sticker is downright hilarious. And we all love to make our ordinary lives as Harry Potter-ish as possible, so why not make your toilet magical? Stick this to your toilet and see how many of your friends really do try and make their way to the Ministry of Magic – you’ll be able to tell if they come back into the room with wet feet…

    Harry Potter Quote Wall Mount – £14.99

    We’ll never not cry when we think of Dumbledore. One of the greatest wizards of all time, one of the most iconic Headmasters in Hogwarts history, an incredible mentor to Harry, and an all-around legend. And this quote from Dumbledore will always be remembered. Stick it on your wall, and always remember that ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.’

    Felix Felicis Pendant – £16

    We all need a bit of Liquid Luck sometimes (whatever form that may be in). This Felix Felicis pendant is perfect for the wizard who needs a bit of Dutch courage every now and then – and of course, you know it’s legitimate because it’s come from the Apothecarium of Horace E.F Slughorn. With this round your neck, you’ll have more than enough luck for one day.

    Harry Potter Wizard Wand – £29.80

    There’s no way you can be a true Potterhead if you haven’t got your own wand. Because let’s be honest, no wizard is a true wizard without his/her wand. Amazon offers most of the main characters’ wands, but of course, our loyalties lie with Harry. This exact replica of Harry Potter’s 11” Phoenix feather core wand even comes with its own Ollivanders Wand Box to keep it safe while you’re not dueling with your Slytherin enemy.

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog – £21.99

    Just like the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, you just can’t travel on the Hogwarts Express without a Chocolate Frog on you (because, you know, you never know when the Dementors might be coming). Luckily, this one won’t jump out of the window, but it’s still as delicious. And it even comes with a collectible Wizard Trading Card. Who will you get?

    Magic Quote Notepad – £5.49

    Beware those who seek the secrets that lie within! If you’re looking for a place to write down your secret spells, this notepad with a quote from the wonderful Mrs. Weasley is the perfect Potterhead treat. This A5 hardback notebook comes with an elasticated closure that doubles up as a bookmark. But remember, you need to swish and flick…

    Harry Potter Lumos Nox Light Switch – £2.50

    Okay, so as much as we love Harry Potter and all of the spells, there are SO MANY spells to remember that we’d be here all day writing them down. However, there are a few that we have mastered – and this sticker is a great reminder of our lighting talents. Because of course, we’ve got these two spells down pat…

    Harry Potter Cosmetic Wand Makeup Brushes – £7.49

    Normal makeup brushes are sooooo 2000-and-late. As a Potterhead, the aim is to have as much Harry Potter memorabilia as you can – and this doesn’t stop when it comes to your makeup. So brush on your foundation, eyeshadow and more with the wands of Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named….

    Hogwarts Crest Ceramic Travel Mug – £8.99

    There’s only one thing we love just as much as Harry Potter (but not quite as much), and that is coffee. Or tea. Or anything with caffeine in it to get us up and ready for a day of work in the Wizarding World. And just as we don’t discriminate with our caffeinated drinks, we don’t discriminate with Hogwarts Houses, so this ceramic travel mug will allow us to appreciate all of the Hogwarts houses (yep, even Slytherin) as we take our coffee to go.

    Harry Potter Gryffindor Keyring – £2.49

    Okay, as much as we don’t like to play favorites, we do LOVE Gryffindor (Go, Go, Gryffindor!) and of course, we’re going to want to display our house crest on our car keys, house keys or bag. But if the Sorting Hat didn’t sort you into Gryffindor, you can also find your own house on Amazon.

    Deathly Hallows Mobile Phone Sticker – £2.24

    No matter what kind of witch or wizard you are, there will always be something about the Deathly Hallows that appeals to you. Whether it’s the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone or the Elder Wand – we all strive for more. But as we know, the Deathly Hallows are safer out of the Wizarding World, although you can still have a little reminder on your phone…

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts 1 and 2 – From £7.99 for paperback

    Let’s be honest; we were all pretty distraught when the Harry Potter series finally came to an end. But luckily, Harry Potter legend J.K Rowling hasn’t left us completely in the dark. So if you want to read what happens to Harry, Ron, and Hermione (and their kids) after their time at Hogwarts, you just have to read the script for the award-winning Harry Potter and the Cursed Child…

    Golden Snitch Necklace – £6.56

    As Muggles have soccer, the Wizarding World has Quidditch – and just like Harry Potter, we’ve always wanted to be the Seeker. The aim of the Seeker is to catch the Golden Snitch to finish the game and win 150 points for your team. With this necklace you can pretend you’ve caught the Snitch, won the House Cup and you can wear it around your neck in celebration. Because of course, that so happened.

    ‘Always’ Harry Potter Bumper Car Sticker – £3.60

    As much as we love Harry Potter, we will never forgive ourselves for all of the thoughts we had about Professor Snape before the last book/movie. Because we were so wrong. And he was one of the bravest wizards we’ve ever met (you know, in our dreams). So now, to memorialize his life, his love, and his bravery, you can keep him on your car for ever more. Always.

    Harry Potter Playing Cards – £5.99

    Whether you’re old, young, a witch, wizard, Muggle or Squib – card games are completely universal. Deal the magic, and play with these cards inspired by the four Hogwarts Houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw and pack them away in your embossed tin, worthy of a place in Dumbledore’s office.


    The Amazon links on this page are affiliate links which means we make a teeny, weeny bit of commission if you purchase anything. Not enough to set up a Gringotts account but maybe enough for a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans…

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