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Gene Simmons, KISS Frontman, Wants to Trademark ‘Rock On’ Hand Gesture



    Gene Simmons isn’t exactly your Plain Gene, and is known for a plethora of weird and wacky things – including his back-combed hair (we can’t even imagine how hard it must be to brush that out), his black and white makeup, his (extremely) large tongue and his iconic ‘Rock On’ hand gesture. And now, Gene Simmons wants to trademark the gesture.

    The rock star has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the hand sign, claiming it for ‘entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.’ Simmons even finished off his application with a hand-drawn drawing of the gesture – you know, just in case the Office had been living under a rock for the past 50 years…

    Gene Simmons

    However, the ‘Rock On’ hand-sign isn’t just associated with Simmons and KISS. The hand gesture is incredibly similar to the ‘sign of the horns’ which dates back to the 5th Century BC and is associated with the devil (we’re saying nothing – except that tongue is weirdly large). The sign is also part of the American Sign Language (ASL) representing ‘love’ and has been part of the language since 1817. And it doesn’t stop there! Beatles legend, John Lennon appeared on the 1966 cover for Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby displaying the hand gesture. A good 13 years before KISS were even a band.

    Because of this, Gene Simmons may find it difficult to trademark the gesture, considering so many people have, and still use the sign in everyday life. There’s even a ‘Rock On’ emoji! We’re guessing Simmons can still ‘Rock On’ without having it trademarked to his name… Right?

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