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First Ever DisneyLand Map Sells at Auction for Impressive Sum

We’d quite like this for our office (please)


    Last month, we reported on the incredible hand-drawn Disneyland map and the fact that it was going up for auction. Yesterday, that auction took place (and yes, that means you’re out of luck, because it is now off the market!)

    The one-of-a-kind hand-drawn DisneyLand map was designed and drawn by Walt Disney himself, as well as Walt’s former employee, Herb Ryman, as they searched for investors for their extravagant plans for Disneyland in 1953 (and we all know how that turned out, so you can say this map is kinda a big deal…)

    The original 1955 Disneyland map has now sold for an impressive sum at auction

    The Disneyland map was sold during a Disney auction at the Los Angeles Van Eaton Galleries alongside other prolific items, but the map took the biscuit for one of the most expensive Disney products ever sold at auction – with a final bid of $708,000 to an anonymous bidder. However, this did fall short of the estimated selling price of $900,000.

    Mike Van Eaton, co-owner of the Van Eaton Galleries has said,

    As we had expected, this extraordinary Disneyland map sold for an outstanding price. After some pretty exciting bidding the map sold for $708,000. We are beyond thrilled that the map will continue to be appreciated and cherished just like it has been for all these years.

    We just want to know who that anonymous bidder is and what they’re going to do with it?! We’d quite like to borrow it to put on the wall in the office if you don’t mind?

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