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How Your Favorite Websites Used to Look

Who didn’t have a MySpace account back in the day?!

    Would you believe the World Wide Web is 26 years old?! For people who grew up in the ‘90s and ‘00s, a life without the internet, Google Search and of course, viral websites (wink), was completely unknown, and we think it’s fair to say that we really don’t know what we’d do without the World Wide Web in our lives. But even though it’s only been around for nearly three decades, the look of well-known websites has definitely changed a lot. Check out how your favorite websites used to look, compared to how they look now.

    Google – Now

    Oh, Google. What would we do without you? Nowadays, the Google web page is much more simplistic than what is was before. The Times New Roman has gone and there’s little else. But the best part is the Google doodles that they create on special days of the year, and anniversaries. And what’s more? There are even videos of dogs on skateboards…

    Google in 1998

    Google first came to our lives in 1998, and the world went crazy for it. Suddenly, we could search for anything and everything we wanted. Yes, even dogs using skateboards. What else would you use it for? Back in the day, Google just loved the Times New Roman font, and even still had the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option.

    Twitter – Now

    Nowadays, everyone (okay not everyone) uses Twitter. It’s the place to vent, to complain, to exclaim, to connect and to do just about anything. The best part is, you can follow the lives of the rich and famous, and pretend that you’re best friends with them because they’re on your Twitter feed. And you still have to create your message in 140 characters, so it’s also great for improving your conciseness…

    Twitter in 2006

    Back in 2006, Twitter came into everyone’s lives. It took a while to take off (with that website we can see why. There’s so much green…) but gave users a place to write anything they wanted, connect with friends and celebrities, all in under 140 characters.

    Facebook – Now

    Facebook has come on leaps and bounds since its origination at Harvard, (and Zuckerberg has thankfully got rid of the ‘the’), and it’s now recorded that over 1.86 Billion people around the world use Facebook. Some people are addicted to the site, checking it multiple times every hour… even us. We just love to share our content on there. (Wink wink)

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