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Facebook is Dead for Generation Z, It’s All About YouTube, Says New Report

Which do you use the most?


    According to researchers, Mark Zuckerberg needs to be worried, because Facebook could soon be dead for Generation Z. This news comes after The Generation Z: Meet The Young Millennials report investigated the social media habits of youngsters aged under 19 years old.

    The report was hosted and presented by Mark Mulligan of MiDiA Research at the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) this week. The findings showed that YouTube came out on top as the most-used and most-popular entertainment platform amongst youngsters, calling it “a video destination, music app, social platform and educational resource rolled into one.” From their results, they found that 94% of 16-19 years olds used YouTube each month. And with the influx in blogging, vlogging and viral videos that plague the internet, that doesn’t surprise us.

    facebook loses out to youtube for generation z

    However, the report has also found that Facebook and Twitter may be a thing of the past (or at least, a thing for older people) for Generation Z as these media platforms are being replaced by faster, and more efficient messaging apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. It’s been found that a whopping one-third of 8-11 year-olds use Snapchat each day, as well as 67% of 16-19 years olds. 63% of this same age group also use Instagram on a daily basis and that the numbers of Generation Z’ers using Facebook and Twitter each month are dwindling.

    But we love Facebook *sobs*

    This new report was instructed to understand the growing demand for music among youngsters, and to find out the best way to supply this.

    The Chief Executive of BPI and the Brit Awards, Geoff Taylor, has said,

    If we are going to prepare for the future of music, we need to better understand Generation Z and the influences that shape their engagement with music.

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