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Every 90s Book-Loving Kid Will Relate to These Things

Hands up if you’re a bookworm and proud!

    If you’re an avid reader today, it may be that you were a complete bookworm at school. (Or you just realized later in life that reading is, in fact, good for you). For some people, playing outside wasn’t an option we were comfortable with, we’d much rather be in our rooms reading up on the next installment of Goosebumps or circling our next scholastic order. So prepare to feel intense waves of nostalgia, because every ‘90s book-loving kid will relate to these things…

    The Rainbow Fish

    The Rainbow Fish was, and still is, one of the most iconic children’s books to date. And it was the ultimate tool to get kids into reading – because adding shiny, colorful bits to anything makes it more relatable and exciting (true story). But the story actually had a really meaningful moral to it, which really made us think back in the day.

    Those Eyewitness Books…

    It’s probable that all of the useless interesting facts that you learned from these books have not really helped you in your adult life because not many people strike up conversations about the earth’s crust. But you still enjoyed turning the pages of these books and learning as many random facts as you could. You were the coolest of the cool if you and your friends tested each other afterward…

    You read the book before the movie

    Nowadays, you can guarantee that if you’ve read the book before the movie, the movie will be ruined. Because moving images will never beat the words on the page, and the book had that little extra, and that character doesn’t really look like that… but when you were a kid, there was nothing better than going to the movie theater to watch Matilda after you’ve read the book. And you felt pretty smug about it, too.

    You loved placing your Scholastic order

    Does anyone know who invented the Scholastic book scheme? Because we’d love to shake their hand. What a great idea this was. There was nothing better than circling all of the (many) books you wanted and having to ask your parents to fork out for another whole stack of books. Well, you had to take advantage of it, after all.

    You loved the Scholastic Fair

    The Scholastic Fair at school was the best week of the year. By far. You received all of your new shiny books; you were given so many bookmarks you could have one per book, posters and all-around bookish memorabilia that you just couldn’t get enough of. We miss the Scholastic Book Fair…

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