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Disneyland Was Born on Paper in 1953 and Now That Paper is Up For Sale

You won’t believe how much for…


    This goes out to all the Disney fans – oh, who are we kidding? Everyone will love this.
    A map has been rediscovered in America. But it’s not just any old map. It’s a hand-drawn map of Disneyland – and it’s pretty spectacular. The map is said to have been co-created by Walt Disney in the early stages of the theme park, and it’s about to go up for auction, for a whopping $1 million. Right, let’s get our pennies together…

    It’s been reported that this map was used by Walt and his brother Roy Disney to obtain financing for the park. During 1953, the two brothers attended meetings with banks and TV networks to persuade investors to invest in their dream. During the early stages of development, Walt soon realized that their words weren’t enough to attract investors, so drew up this map of the park with his former employee, Herb Ryan.

    Apparently, the intricate map was drawn up over the course of a weekend, now called the ‘Lost Weekend’ to make sure every single detail of the park could be seen an visualized, and formed the main part of the brothers’ presentation piece in their meetings.

    In the end, the brothers’ presentation proved successful with the TV production giants, ABC, and they agreed to give Walt and Roy the funding they needed for the park – if they had full access to the Walt Disney Corporation’s film library, AND their own Disney TV show to be hosted by Walt Disney himself. Of course, they agreed (who wouldn’t? Disneyland is awesome) and this deal still remains one of the biggest deals in television network history.

    Two years after the deal was made, an employee of Walt’s, Grenade Curran, noticed the map and asked to keep it as a memento – but little did he know it would be one of the most important artifacts in all of Walt Disney’s history.

    The co-owner of Van Eaton Galleries, where the map will go up for auction next month has said, “That an artifact like this, which is so deeply rooted in the creation of Disneyland, still exists today is astonishing.”

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