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Disney Princesses in Order of How Feminist They Are

Do you agree with the order?

    Disney Princesses are slowly but surely becoming their own person, rather than relying on the lives of the handsome prince to get the job done. And we’re loving it. Women being strong and independant…this is what we want young girls and boys to be looking up to. Being one of the biggest and most famous production companies in the world, huge Kudos goes to Disney for realizing that times have changed, allowing their movies to change with them. But if you’ve ever wondered (of course you have)…here are the Disney Princesses in order of how feminist they are.

    15 . Aurora

    Okay, so a woman is not going to get anywhere by sleeping all day. In fact, Aurora holds the record for a character with some of the fewest lines in a Disney movie. Ever. I mean, it’s literally called Sleeping Beauty (which is her), and she doesn’t speak. In her own movie. Really? We get it’s not really her fault, as she didn’t put herself into a 16-year deep sleep, but once again…the man is the hero by waking her up. Blah blah blah…no feminism here, Disney.

    14. Snow White

    Snow White is an odd one. First off – she has to run away because she was prettier than the evil queen. Errrr…let’s all love each other no matter how we look, please. And secondly, she just loves to clean. Sure, some women do like to clean. But do the dwarves do any cleaning? No. They’re too busy being grumpy, being sleepy or suffering from a cold and sneezing all the time. Equality, people.

    13. Cinderella

    We do feel sorry for Cinderella – because she probably didn’t even know what feminism was. All she could think about was washing clothes and doing chores for her evil stepmother and her ugly stepsisters. So we can forgive her slightly…or can we? Because she then finds the only means of escape in the arms of a man. Yes, she needs a lovely, pretty, girly dress, a pumpkin limo, and some glass Louboutins to get her a (conveniently, incredibly rich) man. Hmm. Another thought – why do Disney Princesses fall in love so quickly. You met each other five minutes ago. Calm down.

    12. Ariel

    Sometimes we really love Ariel. She doesn’t care that she’s been told not to meddle with the human world…she’s going to do it anyways. She’s going to collect the thingamajigs and the whatsitcalleds, and she’s going to stare at Prince Eric because he’s pretty handsome. Because she doesn’t want to be a mermaid anymore (wanna swap?) she ditches her dad for Prince Eric! You were doing so well, Ariel…

    11. Belle

    Belle just wants more than her provincial life…is that so much to ask? Belle starts off really well. She reads books (because obviously, women aren’t allowed to read and be educated to the same level of men right?) and says a big boo-you to the members of her little French town. She also asserts her authority and autonomy by replacing her father as prisoner, and basically goes against everything the Beast asks of her (which, when faced with a huge angry buffalo-man, was incredibly brave). She even finds the beauty within the Beast and learns to love him for his Beastly self. But in the end, it is your typical Prince and Princess story, because the Beast turns out to be a super-rich and super-handsome prince. So we give this one a 6/10 on the feminist scale.

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