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Charlie Bit My Finger is 10 Years Old – Here’s What They Look Like Now

They’ve changed a lot!


    When it comes to the Charlie Bit My Finger video, we have to admit that we’ve reenacted it so many times we’ve got the timing, the accent, the facial expressions and everything just right. But somehow, it’s just not as funny. So we’ll leave it to the experts…

    In 2007, one of the funniest YouTube videos in YouTube history touched down and gave us all a good giggle – and it still does. With over 849,171,901 views (and counting) the Charlie Bit My Finger video is one of the most popular viral home videos since the dawn of YouTube, and is reportedly the the 90th most viewed video on the site. Wow!

    The 55-second clip made brothers Charlie and Harry famous. Who knew a little brother biting his older brothers finger could be so darn funny and adorable? Since the video was released, the two boys have managed to generate over £1 million – not including what they make from the equally hilarious Charlie Bit My Finger merchandise (yep, that’s a real thing. There’s t-shirts, bags and more. And we’ve already bought one of each).

    charlie bit my finger kids now 10 years

    And now, ten years later, Harry and Charlie are 13 and 11 – and still pretty adorable. The pair recently posted a photo for all of their fans recreating the epic moment Charlie bit Harry’s finger. But this time, there was no screaming or incredibly cute ‘Owwww Charlie, that really hurt’…

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