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You Can Now Get Dressed Like Cher Horowitz in Clueless – Life Made!

Using a mirror to get dressed? Ugh, AS IF!


    Let’s be honest, Clueless is one of our favorite ‘90s movies EVER, and Cher Horowitz was, and will always be the ultimate ‘90s style icon. But Cher didn’t just have impeccable taste and a limitless credit card – oh, no. Cher had technology behind her.

    Remember how Cher had her amazing and drool-worthy virtual wardrobe? In the movie, all Cher had to do was press the buttons on her desktop computer (so ‘90s) to figure out the best outfit, combinations, and colors to suit her body and looks. Instead of throwing every piece of clothing on her bed before she found the items, she just had to press ‘Dress Me, ’ and her amazing spinning wardrobe would spew out her chosen outfit. Not gonna lie, we were pretty jealous.

    But what if we told you that you could have the same thing? (Kinda). Amazon has just announced their new Amazon Echo Look, which they call the ‘hands-free camera and style assistant.’

    The new device works primarily as a camera, and allows you to take full-length pictures of yourself and your clothing to create your own personal ‘look book.’ You can then see yourself in your clothes on your own handset, and Alexa even tells you whether the outfit is a hit or a miss. Because that’s the kinda self-confidence booster we need.

    This new ‘90s super gadget will cost you a cool $200 (£154) but will save you hours in the morning choosing what to wear, throwing a hissy fit and then telling your friends or SO that you’re just ‘not going’ anymore. So we’ll take 5. Unfortunately, it’s an invitation only thing so we may just have to wait…

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