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Bonnie Tyler Will Sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ During the Solar Eclipse

Best. Thing. Ever.


    Imagine this: Bonnie Tyler singer her legendary ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ with Joe Jonas on the deck of a cruise ship during a Total Eclipse. No, this isn’t an incredible recurring dream that we have every day of our lives and wish came true. THIS IS A REAL THING.

    Well, it will be a thing, anyway – later on today. Yep, we can’t believe we’re writing this, because this is the maddest thing since Joe Jonas decided to leave the Jonas Brothers (we’ll never forgive you). This event will take place on the Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise, which will allow passengers to have a perfectly positioned view of the solar eclipse.

    bonnie tyler will perform during the solar eclipse

    Not only will guests be able to view this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience, they’ll also get to experience ANOTHER once-in-a-lifetime experience as Bonnie Tyler serenades them with her classic 1983 hit just as the two minute and 40 second eclipse takes place. Anyone fancy taking us onboard with them?

    The President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, Michael Bayley has released a statement about this awesome booking.

    Bonnie Tyler was a natural choice for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

    Well, yah.

    Tyler will also be joined on deck by DNCE – which is helmed by Joe Jonas – to perform the iconic song (for some reason, this is a fairly odd pairing) and it’s been reported that the group and Bonnie have only had one day to rehearse together before their performance. No pressure.

    We know there are some of you out there who are worried she might get a little seasick, but there’s no need to worry because sassy pop star Bonnie is totally used to it, darling.

    I have a ship of my own. I go with the flow, darling. I’m not worried about things like that.

    What more would you expect from Bonnie Tyler? A cruise set during the eclipse? That’s just a normal Monday for her.

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