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A Star Wars Hotel Is Coming To Disney World And This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

All Jedis are welcome!


    Yep, you heard that correctly – a Star Wars hotel. So take a deep breath, and maybe bring a spare change of underwear because this is hella exciting.

    Last week, we wrote about the space-tastic news that Disney World are working on an epic Star Wars Land at both their Orlando and California parks. Since then, rumors have been flying around the galaxy that the park would also include a hotel. Well, Disney have now confirmed the news, but nobody expected it to be THIS DARN COOL.

    The company confirmed the news on their Twitter site.

    The new Star Wars hotel will allow die-hard Star Wars fans (AKA everyone in the entire world and galaxy) to fully immerse themselves into the franchise. Everything from the walls, to the toilets and the decor will be completely Star Wars-esque – although the hotel is only thought to be at the Florida park upon creation of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge Land.

    Bob Chapek, the brains behind Disney’s parks spoke of the incredible plans at the D23 expo last weekend (which we definitely want an invite to next year, BTW Disney).

    It’s unlike anything that exists today. From the second you leave Earth, you will board a starship alive with characters, stories and adventures that unfold all around you during the voyage on the galaxy that spans several days.

    I mean, those sentences alone would be enough to make us book rooms for a whole month. But he continues,

    You immediately become an active citizen of the galaxy and live everything that that means including the opportunity, of course, to dress up in the proper attire. It is 100% immersive and the story will touch every single minute of your stay with us. And it culminates in [a] unique journey for every person who visits.

    Can Disney do no wrong? We’re ready to get our Jedi on.

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