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’90s Cringe-Worthy Fashion Trends You Totally Used to Rock

Oh wow, we forgot about some of these ?

    Let’s be honest, fashions come and go… and sometimes we look back on our outfits and think, ‘Really?!’ But sometimes you have to laugh through the embarrassment and rock those outfits, because you’re a super fashionable human being! But if you do want a few laughs, check out these ‘90s cringe-worthy fashion trends you totally used to rock…


    Scrunchies were the ultimate fashionable hair accessory in the ‘90s. The bigger, the better, and if you couldn’t actually see your ponytail because the scrunchy was so big… well, you did the job well. It was even better if you could pick the brightest, most colorful scrunchie because it really just finished off your outfit.

    Combat Boots

    The ‘90s was all about the grunge era. You hated life, and you wanted your outfit to reflect that (even though your bedroom was filled with unicorns and pink paint). Combat boots were the best option for your grunge lifestyle- they were big, they were clunky, they were black…and if you really went full force, they might have even had a few chains on them. Edgy.


    Turtlenecks weren’t just big in the ‘90s; they were popular ALWAYS – because they’re just so great. They’re comfortable, they’re snug, and they keep your neck warm. What more could you want? All you had to do was embrace your inner Monica Gellar, and you could wear a Turtleneck all day, every day.


    If you had a windbreaker, you were instantly the coolest guy in school. Sure, you could buy any color you wanted, but if you really wanted to stand out…you bought a neon windbreakers. There wasn’t anything cooler. The brighter, the better. They never really protected you from the wind, but you rocked it anyways…

    GUESS jeans

    If you didn’t wear GUESS jeans in the ‘90s, you might as well have not worn jeans at all. It was GUESS or nothing. You could always recognize the upside-down triangle on the bottom of the jeans and gave everyone a good chance to check everyone out.

    Sweaters around the waist

    This fashion trend was both convenient and comfortable. Feeling hot? Take off your sweater, put it around your waist and look pretty cool. Feeling cold? Untie your sweater and plop it back on. Simple. The days of wearing your sweater around your shoulders was over – it was all about that waist.


    Workout wear seemed to be all the rage in the ‘90s, and spandex became extremely popular. So what, you were just going to class? So what, you were just going to the mall? You could wear spandex bicycle shorts, no problem. Because you loved your active wear and nobody was going to tell you otherwise.

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