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31 Things Every ’90s Girl Had in Her Bedroom – How ’90s Were You?!

You must remember these?!


If you grew up in the ‘90s, you can totally sit with us – because we were the coolest kids on the block (oh, yeaaaaaah). Yep, being a girl in the ‘90s was the shizznit. We didn’t have to worry about paying rent, paying bills, going to work (yuck), or even making dinner each night. Instead, we’d simply exist in a perfect world full of toys, hair braiders, and potato smileys. Really, what else could you want?

Yuh-huh, growing up in the ‘90s was pretty different to life nowadays. Kids in today’s day and age are given an iPhone from birth and speak in emojis, they’re thrust in front of the television to learn their alphabet from the creepy string lights in Stranger Things, and the only toys that exist are virtual ones on their many, many (many, many) apps on their cell phone. Those guys just don’t understand the thrill of waking up in your Groovy Chick bed in the morning, shoving on your lava lamp to give you the perfect ambience to practice your Spice Girls routine for your school talent show. Because after all, the ‘90s girl sanctuary was her bedroom.

Having an epic bedroom was one of the most exciting aspects of being a ‘90s girl. It was where you slept, where you played, where you performed, and where you kissed your posters of The Backstreet Boys (come on, we all did it). However, a ‘90s girl wasn’t content with your average bedroom. Oh, no. Our bedrooms had to be full of the latest and greatest lamps, cushions, bedding, toys, teddy bears, books and more. It had to be bold, it had to be bright, and it had to be beautiful. Yep, our bedrooms were our pride and joy, and we kinda miss our perfect bedrooms. So, if you’re looking for a little nostalgia fix, check out the 31 thing every ‘90s girl had in her bedroom…

Groovy Chick Bedding

groovy chick bedding

And we didn’t just leave it at the bedding – just having Groovy Chick bedding was so lame. Of course, we needed the curtains, pillows, wallpaper and dolls to match. Who did you think we were? Mere mortals? Wrong. We were ‘90s girls. We had pride. We had spirit. We were Groovy Chick.

Lava Lamps

lava lamp and disco ball

Because what room was complete without a lava lamp? We begged our parents for one of these bad boys for months, until she eventually gave in for a bit of peace and quiet. If we were really lucky, we would get one in the shape of a rocket. They didn’t really work for very long, but those six months with the lava lamp were some of our best.

Sea Monkeys

sea monkeys

Everyone wanted Sea Monkeys. We weren’t quite sure what they did…or what they were exactly, but we wanted some nonetheless because all of our friends did. Watching them hatch and comparing their sizes was the highlight of our school days – until we knocked them off of our windowsill and was grounded for two weeks.

Spice Girls Barbie Dolls

spice girls barbie dolls

Spice Girls were life. Barbie Dolls were life. They were the perfect combination. We loved playing with these dolls and re-enacting the ‘Wannabe’ music video. And of course, Baby Spice was always our favorite. I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig-ah…


mouse trap board game

Mousetrap was the ultimate ‘90s game and was the only game you could play when your friends came round for a slumber party. We always had to win, and we’d do anything to trap that little mouse. Although there was always one or two pieces that were always missing, which didn’t help.

Glow in the Dark stars

glow in the dark stars for the ceiling or wall

Because if you didn’t cover your WHOLE ROOM in these glow in the dark stars…were you really a ‘90s girl? These stars added a little bit more atmosphere into your room, and since it was socially unacceptable to have a night-light anymore, these were the best, and coolest replacement.

Sky Dancers

sky dancers 90s toys

Sky Dancers became hugely popular during the mid-90’s, and we just had to have all of them in our room. We lined them up on our desks, or on the floor, and set them off at once. Sure, they went all across your room, but it was your parent’s job to find them and put them back in place afterward. God forbid we cleaned up our own toys.


beanie babies

They didn’t really do much, but they looked cute, so we needed them all. They just really sat on the end of our bed in a big pile, but if one went missing…you would know. And there was absolutely NO WAY you were going to cut off the TY tag. If you still have them, some Beanie Babies are worth huge amounts…

Every single Goosebumps book in existence

goosebumps books 90s

Goosebumps were the books of the ‘90s. Not only were they super easy to read, but they were super spooky. Buying the collection was a must, and they all made their appearances at your sleepovers when you wanted to spook your friends and give each other nightmares. Because, you know, that’s what we did…

VHS Tapes

vhs tapes 90s kids

For those of you that didn’t grow up in the ‘90s, VHS tapes were like DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s but were a lot heftier, and a lot more physical activity went into watching your favorite movies. But the best part about VHS tapes was the fact that you got to design your own covers. And of course, we did this with gusto.

Every single Jacqueline Wilson book ever was written

jacqueline wilson books

Tracy Beaker, Girls in Love, Cliffhanger, Connie and the Water Babies, The Mum Minder, The Lottie Project…we’ve read them all. Jacqueline Wilson was the ultimate ‘90s idol, and she just got what it was to be a kid in the ‘90s. We learned a lot from those books.

A Viewmaster

tyco viewmaster 90s toy

If you had a Tyco Viewmaster, you were the coolest kid in school. You could view some of the best photographs from some of your favorite movies, places or things. Our favorite reels were our Disney reels. Because you just can’t beat Disney.

A Cat’s Cradle

cat's cradle

We spent years mastering this bad boy. The cat’s cradle was the ultimate ‘90s game. Who needed to go outside and play when you could wrap pieces of string and elastic into crazy forms and change them into even crazier forms? Unfortunately, you couldn’t really play this one by yourself, so you had to enlist the help of your friends or family.

Lip Smackers

lip smackers lip balm

One day you wanted to wear Orange Chocolate, another day you wanted to wear Green Apple, and the next day you wanted to wear Strawberry. You had to be prepared for any eventuality, so you had to have as many flavors as you could fit into your designated Lip Smackers box.

My Baby All Gone

my baby all gone doll

This doll was genius, and we still can’t work out how she works today. My Baby All Gone featured a doll who could eat and eat a spoonful of cherries… and it would disappear! The doll even came with its own magical bottle of milk which she would drink. And we just loved feeding her… even if it did confuse us. Ingenious.

Inflatable Backpacks

clear blow up rucksack

Because what’s better than carrying around a sack of your own stale hot breath? Yes, it sounds gross, but we loved our inflatable backpacks. Our favorite was our see-through backpacks, and they were the epitome of cool back in the day.

A Blow-Up Chair

inflatable blow up chair

In fact, we loved anything that we could blow up. We didn’t want to sit on our beds back in the ‘90s. We didn’t want to sit on the floor. No, we wanted to sit on a blow-up chair. Our chair of choice was a Groovy Chick chair, to keep in with the theme of the room – but we weren’t too fussy.

Fibre Optic Lamps

fibre optic light

These things were so cool. Not only were they multi-colored and lit up our room in cool patterns, but they were also incredibly therapeutic to play with. They stood on our bedside tables and calmed us down after we just lost a game on the dance mat – which rarely happened.

Beaded Curtains

beaded curtains

A ‘90s girls bedroom was her sanctuary – it was a place for us to relax, play with our toys, read our magazines, gossip, and decorate in a way that only a ‘90s girl could. One of our decorations of choice was the beaded curtain…because people needed to know when they walked into your room that you meant business. The brighter, the better.

A Dance Mat

dance mat

We absolutely loved our Dance Mats. Whether it was ‘Word Up,’ ‘Burnin’ The Floor’ or ‘I Will Survive’….we absolutely bossed it. We practiced every night so when it came to our sleepovers, we would wow everyone with our incredible dance moves. And we really didn’t like it when we (very occasionally) lost…

Feather Pens

feather pens

Because we wanted to be just like Cher from Clueless. Feather Pens were the ultimate
stationery goals. Normal pens were so boring. You couldn’t write your diary with a normal pen. You had to write it with your brightly colored pen with a feather pom-pom coming out of the end of it.

Gel Pens

gel pens

As we’ve said, normal pens just wouldn’t do. We wanted to write our ‘I <3 Aaron Carter’ doodles in the best way possible – so we have to use glittery gel pens. It was only natural. How else would he know of our undying love for him? Duh.

Band Posters

band posters on a bedroom wall

If you hadn’t already covered up all of the white space of your walls with your Groovy Chick wallpaper or your glow in the dark stars, there was only one thing left to cover it with. Band Poster. Whether it was N*SYNC, The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or Destiny’s Child, you just couldn’t bear that white space.

Disney Read-Along Books

disney read along books 90s

As much as we loved to read, there comes a time when all you want to do is simply enjoy your Disney movies and books in an easy way. This way, we could read our favorite stories, and have some cool sound effects to boot…

A Plastic Phone

plastic see through phone

How else were you going to phone your BFF’s and your BAE? If we were going to have any phone, it just had to be a plastic, see-through phone. We just loved to be able to see the wires and the inside workings of the phone. It was the original hipster phone. And we liked it before it was cool.

A Fur-Covered Photo Frame

fur covered photo frame

Framing photos of our friends and family was a must in the ‘90s, and we just loved to fill our rooms up with unnecessary (yet very necessary) clutter. So of course, we couldn’t just have a normal photo frame. Ours had to be covered in fur. It made it more sentimental. Or, at least, that’s what we liked to tell ourselves.

Dear Diary

dear diary

Being a ‘90s kid was hard. And we needed a release. With our Dear Diary electronic secret keeper, we could whisper our deepest and darkest secrets, our loves and our thoughts onto our Dear Diary. And the best part was… our siblings couldn’t work them out. Our secrets were kept safe with this bad boy.

Mizz Magazine

mizz magazine

Mizz Magazine was like our ‘90s Bible. We learnt how to kiss boy, we learnt how to wear our hair, we learnt all about makeup (we really regret that blue eyeshadow), we got super cool freebies, we learnt the best dance moves (even though we already had them down to a T) and we basically got everything we needed to know about being a teenager from this magazine.

Doodle Bears

doodle bears

We loved to doodle, and we loved bears. What could be better than doodling on your own bear? And the best part was that you could just wash him off and start all over again. We could doodle to our heart’s delight.

The Limited Edition Spice Girls: The Movie Tin

spice girls movie tin

When Spice Girls: The Movie came out, we just couldn’t deal with it. We were excited for about a month. And when we bought the VHS, we had to buy the limited edition tin. We even got to choose which Spice Girl we wanted on the tin. Of course, we chose Emma Bunton…

Lisa Frank Stationery

lisa frank stationary

If you didn’t have Lisa Frank stationery in the ‘90s…were you really a ‘90s kid. You couldn’t go to school with plain old stationery. They needed to be brightly colored, covered in stickers, with huge unicorns on them. Or else you just weren’t cool.