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31 Things Every ’90s Girl Had in Her Bedroom – How ’90s Were You?!

You must remember these?!

    If you grew up in the ‘90s, you can totally sit with us – because we were the coolest kids on the block (oh, yeaaaaaah). Yep, being a girl in the ‘90s was the shizznit. We didn’t have to worry about paying rent, paying bills, going to work (yuck), or even making dinner each night. Instead, we’d simply exist in a perfect world full of toys, hair braiders, and potato smileys. Really, what else could you want?

    Yuh-huh, growing up in the ‘90s was pretty different to life nowadays. Kids in today’s day and age are given an iPhone from birth and speak in emojis, they’re thrust in front of the television to learn their alphabet from the creepy string lights in Stranger Things, and the only toys that exist are virtual ones on their many, many (many, many) apps on their cell phone. Those guys just don’t understand the thrill of waking up in your Groovy Chick bed in the morning, shoving on your lava lamp to give you the perfect ambience to practice your Spice Girls routine for your school talent show. Because after all, the ‘90s girl sanctuary was her bedroom.

    Having an epic bedroom was one of the most exciting aspects of being a ‘90s girl. It was where you slept, where you played, where you performed, and where you kissed your posters of The Backstreet Boys (come on, we all did it). However, a ‘90s girl wasn’t content with your average bedroom. Oh, no. Our bedrooms had to be full of the latest and greatest lamps, cushions, bedding, toys, teddy bears, books and more. It had to be bold, it had to be bright, and it had to be beautiful. Yep, our bedrooms were our pride and joy, and we kinda miss our perfect bedrooms. So, if you’re looking for a little nostalgia fix, check out the 31 thing every ‘90s girl had in her bedroom…

    Groovy Chick Bedding

    groovy chick bedding

    And we didn’t just leave it at the bedding – just having Groovy Chick bedding was so lame. Of course, we needed the curtains, pillows, wallpaper and dolls to match. Who did you think we were? Mere mortals? Wrong. We were ‘90s girls. We had pride. We had spirit. We were Groovy Chick.

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