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31 Foods from the ’90s in the UK We Want Back Right Now

Oh turkey twizzlers, how we miss you…

    The ‘90s was a time of cheesy pop groups, crimped hair, fantastic toys and (shock) playing outside! But the one defining feature of the ‘90s was the incredible foods we got to eat. We can really count ourselves lucky that we were able to experience a Freddo for 10p, bits of melty minty plastic, tinned… everything, and so much more! But unfortunately, some people want to watch the world burn, and a lot of our favourite ‘90s foods have now been discontinued. *cries* Take a look at the 31 foods from the ‘90s we want back RIGHT NOW gosh darn it…

    Baked Beans Pizza

    I mean, quite frankly, it does what it says on the box. This legendary concoction brought together two of our favourite and most enjoyable food groups – pizza and baked beans. And that literally was what it was… pizza with a topping of baked beans. Could you really need anything else? Well, apparently so, because they discontinued it…

    Heinz Tinned Sponge Puddings

    Some people like to tell us that having pudding out of a tin isn’t natural. We like to tell them they’re wrong. These Heinz Tinned Sponge Puddings were a staple in any household that loved to cut corners. They were so simple, yet so delicious. And it meant you could have dessert pretty much every day, and what could be better than that?

    Turkey Twizzlers

    Oh, Turkey Twizzlers. We miss you. These spiral strips of twizzled meat found themselves in every household and every school canteen back in the day, and they were absolutely delicious. And then Jamie Oliver had to come along and ruin it for everyone by calling them ‘unhealthy.’ Pfft.

    Panda Pops

    Panda Pops were scrapped from the shelves in 2012 after a bunch of mums had decided they were too bad for us all. Really? Artificial colours and tonnes of sugar bad for us? But they were so tasty? And we always used to love checking out our brightly coloured tongues after we’d had our favourite Cherry Panda Pops.

    Peppermint Breath Strips

    These were quite possibly one of the weirdest inventions ever. They were literally a strip of plastic-y mintiness that just kinda dissolved on our tongue. And often burnt our tongues. But they were incredibly addictive, and there was nothing better than sneaking one or ten strips of the stuff onto your tongue during your lessons.

    Flake Snow

    Anyone know who invented the Snow edition of the Flake Bar? Because we’d love to shake the hand of the person who thought up this idea. The Flake chocolate bar was already one of the best (and one of the flakiest) chocolate bars around before they decided to go the extra mile and make it in white chocolate. Because what’s better than white chocolate? (Okay, I guess you might like milk or dark chocolate. But we love white chocolate).

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