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19 Websites That Time Forgot

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    Ahh, the internet. A wonderful place where you can find everything you could possibly want. There are websites on sports, on movies, on the news – everything. But a lot has changed since the ‘90s, and websites have since evolved, and some of the best ‘90s websites were left behind. But not all is lost – some of them are still there. Check out the 19 websites that time forgot…

    The Klingon Language Institute

    Websites that time forgot - The Klingon Language Institute

    Have you ever thought: wow, I’d really like to learn a new language? Don’t bother with these online courses or apps, why not learn Klingon on the Klingon Language Institute website? Here you can learn all about Klingon, learn the language and even become a member, all from a reputable ‘90s website.

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