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Weird ‘90s Video Games That Some Of Us Actually Played

How many do you remember?

    Who else spent most of their childhood playing video games? Of course, you did. The ‘90s were full of the biggest and best video games in gaming history, and you couldn’t just leave them unplayed. You just had to spend every second after school playing Sonic, Mario Bros, and Pac-Man. We all know the big named in the gaming industry – but what about the others? There are some pretty odd games out there that we all used to play. But don’t just take it from us, have a look yourself. Check out these weird ‘90s video games that some of us actually played.

    Shaq Fu

    Back in the ‘90s, we all loved fighting games. We also loved Shaquille O’Neal. But sometimes mixing two things you love doesn’t exactly create one amazing game. This game allowed us to play like Shaq, traveling to another dimension to save a young boy from a Mummy. It even had a sequel…

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