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Tibia Level 999: Only Two Players in the World Know Tibia’s Biggest Secret

And one kid is basically holding it for ransom…


    If you’re a fan of Tibia, you’ll know that there lies a secret behind the doors of level 999. The popular multiplayer game has kept the secret of it’s mystery level under wraps for the past 20 years, and there are only two players in the whole world who know how to get there, and what lies beyond.

    Throughout its existence, Tibia fans have been asking the same question over and over. ‘What’s behind the door?’ Many players have seen the door to level 999, but have left taunted by the indestructibility of the entrance. And the two people who do know the answers are keeping their lips sealed. Kinda.

    Last year, one player managed to crack the game and passed through the door – after nine years of gruelling play. But since then, Kharsek has refused to tell the world what lies beyond level 999, despite the gaming world pressing them for answers. And a few days ago, another gamer uncovered the secrets – and is holding them hostage.

    Gamer, Dev Onica has been tracking his progress on Tibia, and posting his developments online for the past few months – and even promised that if he reached level 999, he would do what Kharsek refused to do, and would tell fellow gamers what lies behind the door. And he’s still promising that…but for a price.

    Dev Onica even promoted a live stream of him entering level 999, offering the secrets and a chance for gamers to see for themselves what the level was all about. But when they got to the site, they found themselves faced with a donation bar, with a monetary goal of $5,000 – and no live stream.

    Naturally, gamers have become outraged by his behavior, and have been pretty vocal about it on Twitter.

    Dev Onica has since reduced his ransom to $2,000, but is taunting the streaming audience with stills and shots from the level. So far, he hasn’t been successful in earning his target.

    What do you think? Want to know what’s behind the door?

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