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This Hack Will Turn Your Apple Watch into a Gameboy Color

Because who doesn’t want to play Pokemon on a 2-inch screen?


    Who else really misses the Gameboy Color? When the console was released by Nintendo in 1988, it proved a huge hit, and gamers across the world could now play their handheld games…in color! Although there was no backlight (which proved difficult if you were trying to play under the covers after you’d been told to go to bed), this downfall was made up for with its new colorful properties. But with the latest technologies, the simplicities of the Gameboy have been lost to the hands of touch-screens and voice recognition. Which is why we love this new hack…

    Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan, a video game developer, has recently released a new hack that transforms your Apple iWatch into a Gameboy Color. Have you ever heard anything so amazing? His hack turns an iWatch into a functional Gameboy emulator he calls Giovanni (yes, after the Pokemon villain). He built his Giovanni from the original iOS emulator called Gambatte and used it as a starting point to build his new iWatch version. It all sounds very intelligent and complicated, but it seems that Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan had a problem with the Apple Watch, as it didn’t support the relevant programs used for writing pixels…especially on such a small screen as the iWatch.

    We know what you might be thinking…how can you play Gameboy on such a small little thing with such few buttons? Well, O’Flaherty Chan has thought of everything. The A button can be pressed by tapping on the screen, the B, Start and Select buttons will have visual counterparts, and the D-Pad will be replaced with a panning touchscreen. You can even scroll through lists by using the digital crown. And really…it all seems quite simple and usable, considering you’re using it on your wrist.

    Of course, Apple would never allow this hack to be used or purchased through the App Store as it completely goes against their ethos, but it’s nice to know that the option is there…and someone still remembers that retro is best. But Giovanni also has a limitation to its design – because of the Apple Watch’s limited hardware. Even with recent improvements, the hack is still only able to play the Gameboy games at half the speed of the real thing. If Apple were to improve their hardware for the iWatch, it would certainly improve the utilization of the games, but one can dream…

    Although this hack will never be used by the masses, what Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan has done has reminded us what modern technology is capable of, and sometimes merging the two can often create amazing results! Of course, you can still use your iWatch and your Gameboy separately, but having them together just makes everything better. We certainly want a retro Gameboy iWatch…

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