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The Greatest Retro Video Games of All Time

But which one made it to the top of the list?

    You just can’t beat retro video games. With today’s modern technology, sometimes I find myself pining for the pixelated faces of Sonic, Mario or Donkey Kong. If you fancy a trip down memory lane, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest retro video games known to man. But which one tops the list?

    25. Super Metroid

    Super Metroid first became available on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), which was the ultimate video game console of the retro era. As the third installment within the ‘Metroid’ brand, Super Metroid is deemed Metroid perfection.

    24. Dig Dug

    Dig Dug was developed by the Japanese company, Namco. Due to its popularity, the licensing was then bought by Atari. Oooh, competition. The aim of the game is to defeat your enemies, either by dropping rocks on them, or inflating them with air to the point that they explode…

    23. Contra

    Have you ever fancied being a part of a group of Nicaraguan rebels… yeah, me too. Contra focuses on the lives of the Contras, where you can run through jungles, jump, shoot and play with lasers. Perfect retro gaming entertainment.

    22. Doom

    Doom is by far one of the best sci-fi shooter games. I mean, look at the ‘Doomguy!’ Basically, this guy is saving the world from the demons of hell, which are intent on invading the Earth. It was thought that Doom was played by over 15 million people in the first year of its release. And people still play it now!

    21. Outrun

    Released by Sega in 1986, Outrun has become one of the best-selling games of its kind. Outrun is a third-person, 3-D racing game inspired by the roads of European hotspots. You get to drive in a (pixelated) Ferrari Testarossa Spider, what could be better?

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