The best gaming easter eggs of all time

How many have you found?


    It takes more than compelling gameplay and a captivating story to make a good video game. Players want to be hooked in the most surprising ways, and that means adding in easter eggs. These are relatively common nowadays, although some are more exciting to find than others.

    Super Mario 64’s Yoshi

    Nintendo loves hiding secrets in their games. You’d be hard-pressed to find a release from this company that isn’t brimming with easter eggs. The ‘Mario’ series, in particular, is filled with secrets and references, the greatest of which can be found in ‘Super Mario 64.’

    If you collect all 120 stars and get on top of Princess Peach’s castle, you’ll be greeted by Yoshi. It’s a nice surprise after completing a 100% run, although sadly, you don’t get to play as Mario’s loyal companion. Nintendo later referenced this in the Mushroom Kingdom of ‘Super Mario Odyssey,’ and even allowed players to finally ride around as the beloved dinosaur.

    Batman Arkham Asylum’s blueprint room

    If it takes two years to find an easter egg, then the developer knows they did an excellent job of hiding it. That’s precisely how long it was before people realized that Batman Arkham Asylum was hiding a big secret right under people’s noses.

    In the office of Quincy Sharp, players could blow up a wall to reveal a hidden blueprint. This showed an expansion of the asylum, which set the scene for the game’s sequel, ‘Batman: Arkham City.’ Developers had tried to give people a hint at what their next project was, but it seems their easter egg game was a little too strong.

    Silent Hill 4’s Robbie the Rabbit

    The whole point of ‘Silent Hill’ is to creep people out. After all, it’s a survival horror video game with some of the most terrifying enemies in video game history. However, it turns out that one of the most unsettling elements of the ‘Silent Hill’ series isn’t the Nurses or Pyramid Head – it’s a stuffed rabbit.

    In ‘Silent Hill 4,’ you can see the plush sitting on the bed when you look into Eileen Galvin’s bedroom. Not scary, right? Well, if you check back again after Eileen is sent to the hospital, you’ll notice the rabbit has now changed positions… and it’s pointing directly at you.

    Donkey Kong’s hidden initials

    When you’ve worked hard on a game, you want people to acknowledge your contributions. That’s why developers sometimes sneak their names or even pictures of themselves into the release. However, few have ever hidden them quite as elaborately as Landon M. Dyer did after he programmed ‘Donkey Kong.’

    After hitting a specific high score, losing your final life by falling, and putting the game’s difficulty at four, the man’s initials appear on the title screen. How specific do you want to be? No-one knew of this easter egg for 26 years, with the cat only coming out of the bag after Dyer came clean.

    GTA VI’s beating heart

    Considering how vast some of the worlds are in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series, it’s no surprise that these games are usually full of easter eggs. ‘GTA V’ was especially brimming with secrets and surprises, from the alien buried beneath the ice to the recreation of the ‘Thelma & Louise’ ending.

    However, it’s the fourth entry in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series that wins the award here. Masked within the Statue of Happiness – and funnily enough behind signs saying “No hidden content this way” – is the beating heart of Liberal City. Literally. It’s a giant heart chained up to the statue, because why not?

    Seeing all these incredible easter eggs has us wanting to know what other secrets might be hiding in our favorite games.