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Sonic Forces Gets a New Trailer and We Get to Meet the New Villain

Welcome, Infinite!


    Ahhhhh, remember the days of rushing home from school, turning on your SEGA Megadrive and playing hours upon hours of Sonic the Hedgehog? (We still do it, but rather than school, it’s work). Sonic is one of the most classic video game characters, with SEGA releasing new games every year. At this year’s E3 convention, they unveiled their new game: Sonic Forces. And now, they’ve also unveiled their new villain!

    SEGA released the news with their brand new Sonic Forces trailer and the name of the new villain. Dun dun dun….he’s called Infinite! Apparently, Infinite is even bigger and faster than any of the previous Sonic villains, and will prove a worthy enemy against the blue fox. Infinite will join Eggman in his evil plan to cause chaos and take over the world with his army of henchman – including Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Chaos (hah. How ironic).

    We got a sneak peak at Infinite at the E3 convention this year, when SEGA released THIS trailer:

    However, very little information had actually been revealed. Now, SEGA have released another trailer introducing us to the fiery creature and his powers (he looks pretty darn powerful). Check it out for yourself:

    How cool does he look?! We mean, errr, we hate him and we sooooo side with Sonic. (phew)

    Sonic Forces is one of two new Sonic games being released this year, with fans being able to play SEGA’s experimental nostalgic (whatever that means) game, Sonic Mania being released on August 15th. At the moment, there’s no set release date for Sonic Forces, but we can’t imagine it will be much later than Sonic Mania.

    What do you think of Sonic’s new villain?

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