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Pokemon Go Goes Live With Major Update

Gotta catch ‘em all!


    Hands up who still loves Pokemon Go? Yep, we expect you all to have your hands up right now (even you there, sitting on your phone at your desk!) because Pokemon Go is still as awesome as it was a year since its release. And if you haven’t already seen, the app has been updated with some new and improved Pokemon gadgets to help you catch ‘em all…

    pokemon go releases huge new update

    For starters, the new update comes complete with a brand-new startup screen, as well as these super cool features:

    • Added in-app and push notification for Gyms
    • Gym features have been updated to a new motivation system
    • Added new Gym Badge feature
    • Added four brand new items available once you’ve completed Raid Battles
    • Added new Raid Battles with a new cooperative gameplay experience
    • Added Raids tab to Nearby screen
    • Added search functionality to Pokemon collection screen
    • Added visual indicator to unvisited PokeStops.

    The new update has come at the perfect time for Pokemon Go fans, as well as Pokemon Go’s production company, Niantic who have seen their player numbers drop from 28 million in the first few days of their launch, to just 5 million. However, this is still a hefty number, and we can imagine more and more Pokemon Go players will want to try out these new features.

    If your app hasn’t automatically updated itself, you can update it manually in the App or Android stores.

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