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Nintendo Files a Trademark Hinting They’ll Be Re-Launching Gameboy Classic Which Would Make Our Year

Ahhhhh! ?


    Everyone has their own opinion on video games and games consoles, but if you think there’s anything better than Nintendo products…well, you’re wrong. Soz. Here at RetroEnt, we love everything about Nintendo. We love the retro feel. We love the games (can you really go wrong with Mario Kart?) and we love the fact we were able to grow up surrounded by Gameboys and SNES consoles.

    A few months ago, we were pretty excited (understatement of the century) to hear that Nintendo would be re-releasing a SNES Classic with 21 retro games – so imagine our excitement when we heard the rumor that they would also be re-launching the Gameboy Classic! Let’s just say…we squealed for about five minutes.

    Nintendo GameBoy classic is coming back!

    It seems like the Japanese tech-company will be making all of us ‘90s kids extremely happy, as AnimeNewsNetwork state that they filed a trademark request on September 15. According to reports, the trademark request includes an image of a console which looks wildly similar to their classic Game Boy that was so popular during the ‘90s. Their request was submitted under the ‘Programs for household video games machines’ and ‘Household video games’ category, and has also been submitted in merchandise categories for ‘Cosmestic tools’, ‘Key chains’, ‘Clothing,’ and ‘Bag charms.’

    So, not only might we be able to buy a GameBoy classic sometime soon, but we might be able to adorn our body and our accessories with ALL OF THE MERCHANDISE. We’re stoked.

    Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed, but the fact that Nintendo has filed the trademark is a huge hint in the right direction. Before the SNES Classic was confirmed a few months ago, the company did exactly the same thing. So, we’re crossing our fingers.

    Nintendo files trademark for Classic Gameboy

    The original Game Boy was an astronomical hit when it was first released in 1989 – and just take a little look at that date. If Nintendo were to re-release the console, it would make sense to do so on their 30th anniversary, in just two years’ time.

    First Tamagotchis and now the Game Boy classic? Cor, 2017 is spoiling us.

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