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Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing Smartphone App And People Are Losing Their Minds!

Time to say goodbye to our social lives…


    Well, it’s fair to say that Nintendo are on a roll. Just two weeks ago, Nintendo filed a trademark that hinted towards a re-launch of their iconic Gameboy Classic – and now, they’ve announced they will soon be releasing an Animal Crossing smartphone app. I mean, we kinda feel like we’re being spoiled, but keep it coming, Nintendo.

    The gaming giant have confirmed that the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available for iOS and Android towards the end of November. The new game will follow the same (awesome) features as the original Animal Crossing games – where you and your character (the camp manager) move to new and exciting locations, build yourself a dream home and interact with the other epic characters. However, the Pocket Camp version will draw from a camping theme. And we’re pretty darn excited. According to early reports, we’ll be able to build our own campsite and hang out in the woods. Wonder if there will be S’mores?

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Smartphone

    In our eyes, one of the best aspects of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the transport. Yep, you’ll be able to travel around the campsite in your very own CAMPER VAN (I mean, that’s a dream come true, right?) You can visit other players on your friends list and compare your homemade furniture that you have whittled with your bare hands (gosh, you’re so talented). The app will also give you the chance to buy in-game purchases. Bonus.

    Although this game will largely follow the Animal Crossing vibe we all know and love, there are some aspects of Pocket Camp that will be a little different. Rather than focusing on making money and selling fruits to your animal friends, Pocket Camp will be all about making friends and helping out others – to entice them to return to the camp. As the camp manager, it will be your duty to help out guests, and it seems they’ll be pretty needy. But, as you give them their apple or their fish, your friendship level will increase – so it’s a win, win situation.

    Of course, we already know you’re sold on this game – it’s Animal Crossing, after all – but if you want to know more, check out this game reveal:

    We can’t wait for November!

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